WebGL, SVG Animation, Pure CSS Animations, Javascript Animation, Amazon S3 SDK Storyboard presentation site.  Each page animates both in and out. All transition effects are Pure CSS with only a tiny amount of Javascript that selects the current stage. Faster load time than any other storyboard site, even with heavy content. Works on all browsers including mobile. Amazon S3 client-side video upload script. Amazon Javascript SDK integration Animated SVG - SVG is a text file-based vector image. SVGs can scale infinitely and have advanced and programmable features.  Visit the site  
Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics
Development Custom WordPress theme for University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. Visit Site
Brechin & Huffman
Development, Design Website build on CMS Framework. Visit Site
Ontario Monument Builders Association
Development Website redesign + upgrade custom build Member Admin Area. Visit Site
WyldBot Portable Robotics Lab
Children's Learning Platform WyldBot Portable Robotics Lab is a Children's Learning Platform. Visit Site
Ti-MAX Institute
Development, Design Custom WordPress theme and plugin development for Continuing Dental Education in Waterloo, Ontario. Visit Site
Children's Mental Health Ontario
Development, Multilingual, Enterprise APIs Joomla-base, multilingual site. Integration with Constant Contact API for automatic scheduling of campaigns and custom accompanying newsletter builder. Advanced ACL for multi-level membership roles and managing Agency Profiles. Agency Profiles with Google Maps and geolocation APIs. K2 and RSFormPro! plugins/extensions. Visit Site
Prescription Naturals
Development, eCommerce Multi-Currency ecommerce site with DHL Shipping for Prescription Naturals. Visit Site
Ford, Digital Snippets
Development, Multilingual, Social Push, POP3 Wordpress base with custom multi-source, region-based social media management/aggregation and integration. Highly customized feed caching/automation engine. Multilanguage support. Site Offline
Canadian Council For Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs
Development Custom WordPress theme for University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. Visit Site
Ford Grant Redress
Development, Contest Submissions Microsite for applicants of The Ford Design Grant. Site Offline
LEAP Real Estate Services Inc. Brokerage
Development, Design, API, WebGL, MLS Joomla base with custom theme, MLS API development with community views. Advanced Google Maps APis including dynamic driving directions. GIS data building and analytics. Custom WebGL interactive controls, animations. Agent iOS Presentation Tool for Sellers / Buyers. Visit Site
Canadian Red Cross Fundraising Campaign
Development, Multilingual, jQuery Lightweight Javascript application for Canadian Red Cross Fundraising Campaign. Built to client spec. Cross browser, jQuery and CSS3. Visit Site
Development, 3rd Party Integration Joomla-base and integration with Travelogic (tour operator software) using custom Remote bridge to MSSQL server to display travel packages and prepare / send package quotes. Custom HTML to PDF generator command line script integration over remote SSH connection. Visit Site
Cuso International: Volunteers
Development, Design, Multilingual Cuso International parent site + microsite for Cuso International Alumni. Integration with BlackBaud/Luminate Charity fundraising platform.  Advanced Integration with Google Analytics; including Goals, eCommerce extension, and Checkout Steps integration for better behavior and conversion tracking. Visit Cuso International   Visit Alumni 150
Development Custom WordPress theme for University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. Visit Site
Havergal College: Joy of Being Girl
Infrastructure, Development ModX base with cross-browser custom timeline engine, with easy management, auto-tiling and rendering optimizations for 60fps easing operations on all browsers with hundreds of tiled images.- support for image, audio and video files. Vector-drawing JS for cross-browser special charts result reporting. Stat-compiling quiz engine. SITE OFFLINE (EVENT-BASED)
Ford, CES Asia
Development, Social Push, POP3, Multilingual Wordpress base with custom multi-source, region-based social media management/aggregation and integration. Custom POP3 mail checking for multi-user environment. Randomly generated unique-per-user email addresses checked. Galleries and messages from emails user-matched, posted on Wordpress Blogs/Buddypress and synchronised to personal Social accounts. Status updates pushed to Facebook and Twitter under their own name, on the poster's own account or Facebook Page. Social post deletion propagated from Wordpress. Highly customized feed caching/automation engine. Multilanguage support. From concept to execution in extremely tight 12-day window. Site Offline
Directives Online
Development, Infrastructure, Cloud & Social APIs Web application providing access to directives, emergency contacts, and basic medical information. Core run around a scalable and pluggable remote storage engine integrated with S3 (bucket and site storage API). CLIO legal software platform API (document storage/retreival and case importing), Social Login, Facebook PHP SDK for notifications and lead generation. File P2P and P2World sharing features. Custom PDF generation for ID card printing layouts. QR Code generation and QR driven instant authentication. PDF signing. Visit Site
Jamieson Vitamins - My MultiMatch
Infrastructure, Development, Statistic Collection Modx base with Jamieson Vitamins MultiMatch SmartPhone Interactive quiz. User statistic collection for event-based a mobile product recommendation service. SITE OFFLINE (EVENT-BASED)
e-dimensionz Inc | Web Development & Design

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