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Ontario Monument Builders Association
  • Case Study: Ontario Monument Builders Association
  • Industry: Monument Building Industry
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The Customer

Ontario Monument Builders Association (OMBA) is a professional organization representing monument builders in the province of Ontario, Canada. With a commitment to upholding industry standards and fostering collaboration among its members, OMBA plays a pivotal role in supporting the monument building community.

The Challenge

OMBA faced various challenges in their website management and member engagement. The existing admin area was outdated, hindering efficient member management. Additionally, the lack of member-focused features limited the association's ability to provide exclusive resources and a personalized experience. OMBA required a comprehensive solution to revamp their admin area, improve member management tools, and enhance member engagement.

The Solution

We provided customized solutions to overcome OMBA's challenges and elevate their online presence. We developed a HTML-based website with a custom template that seamlessly integrated a robust Account Login system, enabling members to access exclusive content and resources. Our team addressed the dated admin area by implementing necessary fixes and optimizing its functionality for efficient member management.

To enhance member engagement, we integrated member management tools that facilitated streamlined processes and improved communication within the association. We also introduced a member label printing feature, allowing OMBA to conveniently generate member labels on standard label sizes. Furthermore, we implemented a custom member sorting feature, enabling visitors to filter and search members based on province, while creating a visually appealing members list and integrated a Google Map display to showcase the geographical distribution of OMBA's members.

OMBA experienced significant improvements in website functionality, member management, and member engagement. The solutions provided streamlined their operations and empowered them to better serve their community.