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Shop KSI
  • Case Study: Shop KSI
  • Industry: Merchandising Industry
  • Services:
    • Shopify Development
    • Custom Application
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The Customer

Shop KSI is the official merchandise store for KSI, a popular musician and online personality. Known for his diverse talents and engaged fan base, KSI's merch store plays a crucial role in connecting with his audience and providing them with quality products that reflect his brand.

The Challenge

Shop KSI faced a specific challenge in managing inventory for bundled products. While traditional bundle apps deducted stock from individual products without considering their locations, Shop KSI needed a solution that guaranteed all items in a bundle were deducted from the same location. Additionally, the client required a mechanism to unpublish a bundle when any of its components were out of stock and republish it once the item was back in stock. The goal was to optimize inventory management, reduce errors, and enhance the overall customer experience.

The Solution

The custom app designed for Shop KSI's merch store successfully addressed the issues related to location-aware bundle stock reduction and order reporting. By making sure all products within a bundle were deducted from the same location, the app minimized inventory errors and improved the accuracy of stock levels.

The detailed order reporting capabilities helped Shop KSI to make data-driven decisions, optimize stock replenishment, and improve operational efficiency. The dynamic unpublishing and republishing of bundles based on stock availability further improved customer satisfaction and reduced the likelihood of fulfillment issues.

With the implementation of this custom app, Shop KSI's merch store achieved a more streamlined and efficient inventory management process, providing a better shopping experience for fans and contributing to the overall success of the online merchandise platform.