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Soft Touch Mastectomy
  • Case Study: Soft Touch Mastectomy
  • Industry: Healthcare
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    • Design
    • CSS
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The Customer

Soft Touch Mastectomy is a reputable provider of breast forms, bra fittings, and lymphedema compression garments. Soft Touch Mastectomy offers a range of certified and professionally fitted solutions to help individuals regain comfort and confidence after breast-related surgeries.

The Challenge

Soft Touch Mastectomy needed a user-friendly online platform where clients could access information about breast forms, bra fittings, and lymphedema garments. They needed a website that would educate and inform visitors about their certified and trained medical staff, their Health Canada-approved services, and the availability of private appointments for compression wear and devices. This also involved catering to the unique needs of women who had undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures, providing them with a platform where they could find well-fitting bras and breast forms to boost their confidence and aid in their recovery.

The Solution

We developed a customized brochure WordPress site styled using a theme, providing an effective solution to their online presence needs. The website design was crafted to showcase Soft Touch Mastectomy's range of products and services, emphasizing their expertise in breast forms, bra fittings, and lymphedema compression garments. By creating a visually appealing and user-friendly platform, we enabled clients to easily navigate the website and access the information they needed to make informed decisions about their post-mastectomy care.

In addition to the website development, we provided had SEO services to enhance the visibility and reach of Soft Touch Mastectomy's online presence. Through targeted optimization strategies and keyword research, the website's search engine rankings were improved, allowing more individuals seeking post-mastectomy solutions to discover and connect with Soft Touch Mastectomy. The SEO efforts complemented the website's design and functionality, attracting a wider audience and facilitating the company's mission to provide personalized fittings and high-quality products to individuals in need.

Together, the result was a comprehensive digital solution that empowered individuals who had undergone mastectomy or breast-related surgeries. The custom brochure WordPress site effectively showcased Soft Touch Mastectomy's expertise, while the SEO services ensured that the website reached a broader audience. By combining visually appealing design, user-friendly navigation, and enhanced search visibility, we successfully contributed to Soft Touch Mastectomy's goal of supporting their clientele.