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  • Case Study: North Jersey Section – American Chemical Society
  • Industry: Not-for-Profit
  • Services:
    • Design
    • Development
    • WordPress
    • Website Build
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The Customer

The North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society (NJACS) is a leading organization dedicated to fostering collaboration, education, and advocacy within the chemical sciences community in North Jersey. With a diverse membership base including professionals, students, and enthusiasts, NJACS has been at the forefront of advancing the field of chemistry for many years.

The Challenge

NJACS recognized the importance of modernizing its online presence to better serve its members and the broader community. The challenge was to revamp their website to improve user experience, accessibility, and functionality while integrating custom features tailored to the needs of their members. Key requirements included enhancing the navigational structure, implementing an interactive event calendar, facilitating user journeys for educational resources and topical groups, and integrating social media functionality for outreach.

The Solution

The project encompassed various aspects of website development and customization, including:

  1. Homepage Redesign: A modern, visually appealing homepage design was created, incorporating intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action to facilitate user engagement.

  2. Custom Event Calendar: An event calendar was implemented, featuring custom fields for speaker information, abstracts, and flyer links. Additionally, a dedicated page for event registration was developed to streamline the ticketing process.

  3. Educational Resource: A user-friendly journey for accessing educational resources was established, providing members with easy access to a resource library.

  4. Topical Group / Communities: Custom profiles and dedicated pages were created for each topical group within NJACS, allowing members to explore group-specific content and upcoming events.

  5. Page Template: A flexible page template was developed to accommodate various content types and layouts, with consistency across the website.

  6. Blog Feed and Post: An integrated blog feed and post layout were implemented to facilitate content sharing and engagement.

Additionally, custom views and layouts were created for each topical group, featuring automated display of upcoming meetings and integration with educational resources. With improved functionality, navigation, and integration of custom features, the NJACS website continues to serve as a valuable hub.