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Ford, Digital Snippets
  • Case Study: Ford, Digital Snippets
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Services:
    • Development
    • Social Media
    • POP3
    • Multilingual

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The Customer

Ford is a leading global automobile manufacturer. In 2016, the company participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia held in Shanghai, China. Ford wanted to create a social media campaign to engage with its customers and showcase its latest products and technologies during the event.

The Challenge

Ford faced the challenge of creating a social media campaign that could engage its customers in real-time during the CES Asia event. They sought a partner that could establish and manage a customer/public relations portal capable of integrating multiple social media sources and delivering an uninterrupted experience for users.

The Solution

Ford partnered with us to create a successful digital marketing campaign during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia event in 2016. We developed a multi-user Twitter bot, a customized customer/public-relations portal, and a multi-source, region-based social media management and aggregation system that allowed Ford to showcase its latest products and engage with customers in real-time.

The campaign was a success, with the Twitter bot receiving a large number of tweets, positive feedback from customers on the portal, and a comprehensive view of the campaign through the aggregation system.

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