Let us transfer your website

We know that changing hosts can be frustrating. e-dimensionz is committed to making it easy to transfer your website to your new hosting account.

Our experienced Tech Support Team will do all the work for you and transfer your website to our servers at no cost, for all new customers within their first 30-days of signing up for an e-dimensionz Shared Hosting Plan.

Once your order is activated, simply request your migration via your account dashboard.

Compensation of Unused Months

We will compensate up to 6 unused months left with your previous host if you leave before your plan expires and add those remaining months to your new e-dimensionz Web Hosting Plan for free.

Transfer your Website  Shared Hosting Plans 

Website Migration FAQs

How long will it take to move my website?

We aim to migrate most websites within 2 working days, or sooner. The complexity of a website plays the biggest role in how long it takes us to complete the migration.

After the website has been transferred to our server, DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours.

Can you transfer Email and FTP Accounts?

Unfortunately, email & FTP accounts and messages can not be transferred.

Are there any website transfer requirements?

We cannot guarantee successful transfer if any of the following conditions is present:

If the website uses a different MySQL version than what e-dimensionz currently uses
If the website uses a different PHP version than what e-dimensionz currently uses
If the server of the previous host continuously experiences reliability issues during the transfer

What's not included with the website migration?

We will not update the website configuration (including website content, layout, navigation, etc.). The move is an exact replica of your website files from your previous web host.

With the exception of database connection details which may change.

Copying an existing website to a brand new domain name or changing the URL of an existing website is not included with the website migration service.

Are there any sites that can not be transferred?

Unfortunately, some websites cannot be moved, even by our experienced team. This is due to technical limitations of your existing web host or we cannot support some of the features required by your website.

We require access to your website files and database. If your web host or website builder will not provide us access , we cannot copy or transfer your information.

What information do you need from me to complete my migration?

We will need the login details (control panel link, username and password) to your old host, and the domain name(s) for the website you'd like us to migrate.

If we need any more information to complete your migration, we'll let you know.