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Children's Mental Health Ontario

Development, Multilingual, Enterprise APIs

Joomla-base, multilingual site. Integration with Constant Contact API for automatic scheduling of campaigns and custom accompanying newsletter builder.

Advanced ACL for multi-level membership roles and managing Agency Profiles. Agency Profiles with Google Maps and geolocation APIs. K2 and RSFormPro! plugins/extensions.

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Directives Online

Development, Infrastructure, Cloud & Social APIs

Web application providing access to directives, emergency contacts, and basic medical information. Core run around a scalable and pluggable remote storage engine integrated with S3 (bucket and site storage API). CLIO legal software platform API (document storage/retreival and case importing), Social Login, Facebook PHP SDK for notifications and lead generation. File P2P and P2World sharing features.

Custom PDF generation for ID card printing layouts. QR Code generation and QR driven instant authentication. PDF signing.

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LEAP Real Estate Services Inc. Brokerage

Development, Design, API, WebGL, MLS

Joomla base with custom theme, MLS API development with community views. Advanced Google Maps APis including dynamic driving directions. GIS data building and analytics. Custom WebGL interactive controls, animations. Agent iOS Presentation Tool for Sellers / Buyers.

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Development, 3rd Party Integration

Joomla-base and integration with Travelogic (tour operator software) using custom Remote bridge to MSSQL server to display travel packages and prepare / send package quotes. Custom HTML to PDF generator command line script integration over remote SSH connection.

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Hollywood Suite

Development, 3rd party integration

Joomla-base with cross-browser custom schedule management engine for a collection of national premium TV channels. Schedule engine integrated to industry standard, enterprise TV schedule database (Firebird/RedDatabase). Media manger for visualization.

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Infrastructure, Development, Multilingual, Shipment Tracking

Multilingual Joomla-base with custom reverse shopping cart for Electronics Recycling Services.

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Think Recycle

Infrastructure, Development, 3rd Party APIs, Salesforce, UPS, Shipment Tracking

Multilingual Joomla-base with custom UPS Ship API and Worldship integration for outbound and return shipment generation, tracking/alerts and Salesforce API integration.

End-to-End Salesforce connections for Lead, Opportunity and Account synchrronization with site registrations, users and cart operations. Salesforce integration with ad-campaign management, Refund / payout management and referral engine for Electonic Waste company. Two independent shopping cart systems for forward and reverse cart fumctions tightly knit into site functions and APIs.

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The Cosmopolitan

Infrastructure, Development

Custom interface for Intranet and Internet Billing for Las Vegas hotel. Wifi billing page and API for 3rd party connection.

Add engine for hotel promotions and restaurants.


WyldBot Portable Robotics Lab

Children's Learning Platform

WyldBot Portable Robotics Lab is a Children's Learning Platform.

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Strongest Families

WordPress multilingual site. Integration with Google Maps for searchable Programs Map. Animated SVG menu map using WebGL. Custom donation form using One-Time and Monthly Donations.


  • Development
  • Multilingual
  • jQuery
  • WebGL
  • Google Map API
  • Donations

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