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Lifeline Challenge
  • Case Study: Lifeline Challenge
  • Industry: Not-for-Profit
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    • Design
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The Customer

Lifeline Challenge is a non-partisan network dedicated to supporting refugees and responding to humanitarian crises worldwide. They sought to enhance their online presence and create an engaging platform to encourage Canadians to participate in private sponsorship initiatives.

The Challenge

Lifeline Challenge faced the challenge of establishing a comprehensive and accessible website,, that would effectively communicate their mission, engage supporters, and provide a seamless donation process. They required a digital solution that adhered to AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliance guidelines and integrated the CanadaHelps Donate platform seamlessly.

The Solution

Taking into consideration Lifeline Challenge's wireframes and page structure preferences, we created a fully functional website that fulfilled their specific requirements. Attention was given to ensuring AODA compliance, guaranteeing accessibility for individuals with disabilities and providing an inclusive user experience.

To streamline the donation process and enhance user convenience, we integrated the CanadaHelps Donate platform into the website. By embedding the CanadaHelps Donate script as an iFrame, supporters could make donations directly on the website, fostering a frictionless and secure donation experience.

We successfully developed a visually appealing, AODA-compliant website that effectively communicated Lifeline Challenge's mission. The seamless integration of the CanadaHelps Donate platform enhanced the user experience, making it easier for Canadians to support private sponsorship initiatives. Lifeline Challenge can now engage a broader audience, encourage donations, and provide essential support to refugees in need. Now, Lifeline Challenge can continue making a positive impact in the humanitarian and refugee support industry.