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The Scarlet Heifer
  • Case Study: The Scarlet Heifer
  • Industry: Meat Industry
  • Services:
    • Development
    • Shopify
  • Website: Visit Website

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The Customer

The Scarlet Heifer is a renowned family-owned business founded by brothers Michael and John Collins. Hailing from County Meath, they are third-generation farmers with over 40 years of experience in the meat industry.

The Challenge

Scarlet Heifer faced a challenge in implementing a product bundle selector on their website. They wanted to avoid using third-party applications or plugins to maintain control over their website and ensure a smooth integration. 

The Solution

Our team implemented a custom product bundle selector directly integrated into their website, without relying on third-party apps or plugins. The custom solution provided an intuitive and responsive user interface, allowing customers to easily select multiple products and add them to their cart seamlessly. The backend functionality was also implemented to handle the selection and addition of products, enabling customers to freely choose any combination for their bundles. Through the custom product bundle selector, Scarlet Heifer enhanced the overall user experience, increased customer engagement, and maintained full control and flexibility over their website.