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ITL Health
  • Case Study: ITL Health
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Services:
    • Development
    • API
    • Design
    • eCommerce
    • Geolocation
  • Website: Visit Website

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The Customer

ITL Health is a Canadian-based and European-based medical manufacturing company. The company prides itself on offering high-quality supplements that are also affordable. ITL Health understands that good health should not be a luxury reserved for the wealthy, and the company is committed to making supplements accessible to everyone.

The Challenge

ITL Health wanted to revamp its website to improve the user experience, cater to its diverse audience, and streamline its e-commerce activities. Our web development and design company was tasked with the project, and was requested in providing custom Joomla themes, advanced tracking systems, and 3rd party API integrations, among other solutions.

The Solution

We incorporated a custom TLD load feature based on a visitor's country location to provide a more personalized experience. The feature provided country-specific content and product details that catered to the user's needs. We also assisted by streamlining ITL Health’s operations by integrating several 3rd party APIs, including James&James, RoyalMail, Odoo, and Omnisend. These integrations helped ITL Health manage its eCommerce activities, track orders, and manage customer data more efficiently.

By providing custom Joomla themes and advanced tracking systems, our team successfully enhanced ITL Health’s online presence. The customized features helped ITL Health improve its user experience, engage its audience more effectively, and increase conversions. Our team's expertise in web design and development helped ITL Health establish a competitive edge in the healthcare industry.