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Canadian Red Cross Fundraising Campaign
  • Case Study: Canadian Red Cross Fundraising Campaign
  • Industry: Not-for-Profit
  • Services:
    • Development
    • Multilingual
    • jQuery
  • Website: Visit Website

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The Customer

The Canadian Red Cross is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing disaster relief and support for vulnerable communities across Canada. Additionally, they support refugees and asylum seekers, as well as promote health and safety education.

The Challenge

Red Cross required a graphical donation suggestion generator to be integrated into their website. The goal was to provide visitors with a user-friendly tool that could assist them in making informed decisions about their donation frequency and amount.

The Solution

The graphical donation suggestion generator was launched on Red Cross and it proved to be a valuable asset for the organization. The tool has also helped to raise awareness about the organization's work and the impact of donations on vulnerable communities.

The solution was successful, with the donation suggestion generator providing an essential resource for donors and contributing to the organization's ongoing efforts to support those in need. The use of Cross-browser compatibility, jQuery, and CSS3 in developing the tool ensured that it would work smoothly across all platforms and devices, making it easily accessible to all users.