The perfect solution for large

websites that require dynamic

or unique resources.

Delivering secure, high-quality Hosting Services that meet PCI, NIST, and HIPPA standards.

At e-dimensionz, we specialize in providing Private Cloud services that are tailor-made for handling critical applications, managing production environments, and safeguarding sensitive virtual machines.

Our solutions are expertly designed to meet the demands of robust, high-traffic websites that necessitate a substantial amount of resources. The benefit of our Private Cloud hosting extends beyond merely accommodating your resource needs, it also offers a strategic advantage in ensuring the optimal performance of your online operations.

Private Cloud Features

One of the key advantages of our Private Cloud hosting is the access to dedicated servers that boost responsiveness. Unlike shared hosting solutions, where bandwidth is divided amongst multiple websites, our Private Cloud service ensures you have a dedicated bandwidth that isn't shared with others. This exclusive allocation not only accelerates your website's load times but also enhances the overall user experience, making it a premium choice for businesses prioritizing speed and performance.

  • Security

    • We provide you with dedicated server-level security, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data. Our customizable firewall protection adds a robust security layer to safeguard your resources from cyber threats. Moreover, our Private Cloud servers offer secure isolated disk space. This unique feature means that your data is not just secure but also segregated, providing an added layer of protection. 
  • Performance

    • Performance is a critical aspect of your online operations. We ensure optimal performance by offering an environment where all resources can be effectively managed and regulated. With our Private Cloud servers, your resource utilization is optimized to prevent unnecessary wastage. Additionally, the dedicated resources provided by our Private Cloud servers mean that high traffic loads won't slow you down. Your applications and services can perform at their peak, always.
  • Control

    • In comparison to shared web hosting, Private Cloud servers give you more control over your hosting environment. Enjoy the freedom of root access, allowing you to make the necessary changes and configurations to suit your specific needs. Our guaranteed resources mean that your server's performance won't be hampered by other users.
  • Support

    • We offer top-tier technical support, ensuring that you have expert help whenever you need it. This high level of control allows you to shape your hosting environment to fit the unique needs of your business.

By harnessing the power of dedicated resources, your website can perform at its peak even during high traffic periods. Furthermore, our stringent security protocols ensure your sensitive data is protected in our secure, isolated environment. 

Managed Private Cloud Hosting Plans

Delivering Exceptional Managed Private Cloud Server Services

At e-dimensionz, our commitment is in delivering exceptional Managed Private Cloud Servers. Our focus on security ensures your data is protected, providing peace of mind in the ever-evolving online landscape.

We understand the importance of performance and control in managing your online operations. Therefore, our servers are configured to offer top-tier performance, ensuring your applications run smoothly under any traffic conditions. Simultaneously, we provide enhanced control features, empowering you to tailor your hosting environment to your specific needs.

Managed Private Cloud Hosting

We offer premium Managed Private Cloud Hosting services, designed to give you the utmost in security, performance, and control. With our managed service, we take care of all the maintenance, updates, and patches, so you can focus on what's most important - your business.

Comprehensive Technical Support

With e-dimensionz, you’re not just another customer. We take pride in our real person support, ensuring you have access to our technical experts whenever you need help. Our team is ready to solve any technical issue you might face, ensuring your online operations are smooth and uninterrupted​.

Website Migration

Our team of experienced developers is here to help with all your website development and migration needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch or moving an existing website, we offer seamless, hassle-free services.

On-Demand Development Assistance

Experience a rapid resolution of your issues with our in-house team of developers. They are highly trained and have years of experience in tackling all types of developmental issues.

Additional Services

Do you need more disk space, IP addresses, or bandwidth? We got you covered. We offer a variety of additional services to accommodate your growing needs. Let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Experience the difference with our fully managed, high-performance Private Cloud Hosting services. With our dedicated resources and seasoned team by your side, we ensure your online operations glide with efficiency and stability.