The perfect solution for large

websites that require dynamic

or unique resources.

e-dimensionz provides quality Hosting Services, PCI + NIST and HIPPA Compliant.

A Private Cloud is a perfect solution for critical applications, production environments, sensitive virtual machines. Private Cloud hosting is suitable for websites that generate a lot of traffic and require a lot of resources. Since you don't share bandwidth with other websites, the dedicated servers are more responsive.

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Private Cloud Features

Achieve the highest performance and reliability of a Private Cloud Server, combined with the manageability and scalability of a virtualized environment.

Cloud Server Advantages

Security: Cloud Servers provide the highest level of security just like a dedicated server, complete with customizable firewall protection and secure isolated disk space.

Performance: All resources can be regulated in the Cloud Server environment.

Control: With root access, guaranteed resources, and technical support, a Cloud Server gives a customer more control than a shared web hosting account.

Included Features

Dedicated Resources
Fully Managed Server
Nodeworx / Siteworx Control Panel
Manage Multiple Websites
High Performance
Fully Managed Server
Fully Optimized & Secured
Real Person Support

Optional Features

Remote Backups
Root access / SSH
SSL Certificates
Website Migration
Additional Disk Space
Additional IP Addresses
Additional Bandwidth

Why Choose Us?

We don't oversell hosting space or overload our servers. Many hosts try to pack as many accounts into a shared hosting server to maximize return on investment, causing performance reduction on all hosted sites under standard load.

On-Demand Development Assistance

Our in-house team of developers are highly trained and have years of experience dealing with all types of developmental issues. This service is designed to help solve your issues fast. 

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