Managed Private Cloud Servers

A Private Cloud is a perfect solution for critical applications, production environments, sensitive virtual machines. Private Cloud hosting is suitable for websites that generate a lot of traffic and require a lot of resources. Since you don't share bandwidth with other websites, the dedicated servers are more responsive.

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Achieve the highest performance and reliability of a Private Cloud Server, combined with the manageability and scalability of a virtualized environment.

Cloud Server Advantages

Security: Cloud Servers provide the highest level of security just like a dedicated server, complete with customizable firewall protection and secure isolated disk space.

Performance: All resources can be regulated in the Cloud Server environment.

Control: With root access, guaranteed resources, and technical support, a Cloud Server gives a customer more control than a shared web hosting account.

Included Features

  • Dedicated Resources
  • Fully Managed Server
  • Kloxo Control Panel
  • Fully Optimized & Secured
  • Manage Multiple Websites
  • Real Person Support
  • High Performance

Optional Features

  • cPanel ($25.00 / month)
  • Remote Backups
  • Root access / SSH
  • SSL Certificates
  • Website Migration
  • Additional Disk Space
  • Additional IP Addresses ($2.00 / month)
  • Additional Bandwidth

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Affordable approach and optimal solution for fast, reliable websites.

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