The perfect solution for fast-growing

websites that utilize dynamic

or unique resources.

Get the power of a dedicated server with the flexibility and reliability of the cloud, all in an affordable VPS Hosting package.

A Virtual Private Server allows you to take more control over your website and provide you with dedicated resources. e-dimensionz handles all server updates, security fixes at the operating system level, monitoring, and more. Choose the type of hosting you'd like or contact us if you need any help in choosing a plan.

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VPS Hosting Features VPS Hosting Features

SiteWorx is a Linux based hosting server management tool using a graphical user interface to make hosting easy for people of all skill levels. Setup site automation with CRON, check resource usage, setup domains, and much more.

Also included is Softaculous, a 1-click application installers with 60+ web applications.

Control Panel Features

Cron Jobs
DNS Zone Editor
Instant Backups & Backup Wizard
ClamAV® Virus Scanner
Domain / Subdomain Manager
Web-based File Manager
Email Manager
Custom Error Pages

Software Support

MySQL Databases
PHP5 - PHP8 (version control)
Image Magick
Ruby On Rails
GD 2
Streaming Audio/Video


CageFS: CageFS isolates each individual hosting account away from the other hosting accounts on the server. This provides a jailed environment of which prevents an account (if compromised) from being able to potentially find other accounts and compromise them on the server. CageFS will also cage any script execution done via Apache, LiteSpeed, Cronjobs, SSH etc.

LVE Limits: LVE Limits prevents a single account being able to consume all of the resources of the shared server. Up until the introduction of this technology, one site being attacked could easily crash an entire shared web hosting server. These limits allow enhanced stability and security regarding resource usage.
ModSecurity: ModSecurity protects incoming HTTP / HTTPS requests against all kinds of malicious activity.

ConfigServer Security & Firewall: ConfigServer Security & Firewall acts as a software firewall and login failure daemon for the entire server with an exhaustive list of options to block malicious activity. It provides brute-force detection and automatic IP Address banning for malicious behavior across a range of the servers services.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner: ConfigServer eXploit Scanner is the front-line defence against malicious code from being uploaded to the server when a website is being exploited. Hooking in to ModSecurity, it analyses uploaded files while they are being uploaded and are set to auto-quarantine files that match the repository of exploit fingerprints. We receive email notifications when the service has detected a malicious file.

PHP Version Selection

Currently you can select from PHP5 - PHP8
You can also select from all major stable modules for PHP to add the support you need for your site to function well.

Email Features

POP Accounts (unlimited)
Catch Alls
Web Mail
Email Alias (unlimited)
Mailing Lists
Mail Forwarding
Spam Assassin

Free One-Click SSL Certificates

Firefox and Chrome are both proposing the deprecation of unencrypted HTTP, which means that any user of your website will see a warning unless you have a TLS certificate.

Web Hosting accounts can have Let's Encrypt One-Click SSL feature enabled on their account, to make the creation and installation of SSL certificates a simple process that can be done with a single click. No dedicated IP, signup forms, domain verification, key generation, or complicated certificate installation! When you enable this plan on your account, you can enable SSL with a AAA certificate authority on unlimited domains and subdomains that are hosted with us.

Why does a AAA certificate authority matter? Top level, major certificate authorities' are recognized on every major (and minor) browser. These certificates usually cost from $100/year for a single domain, or a minimum of $150-200 for a multi-domain certificate.

Why Choose Us?

We don't oversell hosting space or overload our servers. Many hosts try to pack as many accounts into a shared hosting server to maximize return on investment, causing performance reduction on all hosted sites under standard load.

On-Demand Development Assistance

Our in-house team of developers are highly trained and have years of experience dealing with all types of developmental issues. This service is designed to help solve your issues fast. 

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