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Cuso International: Volunteers
  • Case Study: Cuso International
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The Customer

Cuso International has been an aid and support charity organization based in Canada for over 60 years, dedicated to fighting poverty and inequality in developing countries. The organization collaborates with communities in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean to provide the needed assistance and support.

The Challenge

Cuso International's website was in need of modernization and updating, and required features to attract and engage visitors. The organization required a solution that would help them to improve their online presence and increase donor and volunteer engagement. They also required a means to streamline their fundraising efforts and track donations in real-time, and to simplify their volunteer management processes.

The Solution

We provided Cuso International with a comprehensive solution that addressed all their needs. To start, we updated Cuso International's landing pages and created a new microsite with a modern design that was easy to navigate and provided visitors with the information they needed. We also handled the integration with BlackBaud, and the Luminate Charity fundraising platform to help Cuso International streamline their fundraising efforts. This integration allowed the organization to track their fundraising goals and donations in real-time.

We integrated the API Cura, and Mindscope as the service into Cuso International's website to help the organization better manage their volunteers. This integration allowed volunteers to sign up and manage their accounts directly on the website, making the process more efficient.

From there, we provided advanced integration with Google Analytics, including Goals, eCommerce extension, and Checkout Steps integration for better behavior and conversion tracking. This integration allowed Cuso International to track their website visitors' behavior and improve their conversion rates.

We provided Cuso International with a comprehensive solution that addressed all their needs. The solutions above allowed the organization to improve their online presence, streamline their fundraising efforts, and provide a seamless user experience. As a result, Cuso International was able to increase their engagement with their audience, manage their volunteers more efficiently, and track their website visitors' behavior for better conversion rates.