How To Increase Employee / Team Productivity
One of the biggest factors that business owners need to be mindful of everyday is that not every employee is the same. Motivation, drive, productivity are all factors that can differ from person to person. It doesn't matter if you're the owner or management for a large team, small team, or maybe you're even a project manager, you could potentially see drive beginning to diminish within your team.

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6 Important Reasons to Invest In A Website For Your Business
A lot of new businesses may be finding themselves stuck in a place between making a simple website using a service such as Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify, or maybe even getting a web developer to design a website for your business from scratch. If you’re a new start-up company, regardless if you own a physical location or your work is primarily online, working on building a website to expand your brand is important.

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AODA/WCAG - Website Accessibility Standards in Canada
While building up your online business, many people may overlook some of the more technical side of things - while your attention may be brought to your products, SEO, or partnerships, one thing that you need to comply with if you're a business in Ontario is the AODA - Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

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Advertising your Business
If you own a business or even if you're in the stages of thinking about starting one, you may be thinking that getting your business out there, especially an online one, can be difficult or even intimidating. With physical stores, you have location, convenience, physical advertising. While it may cost more money for a physical business/shop, it may not always be the most successful, especially compared to the growth of online businesses and marketing.

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Developing a SaaS MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
It may not really matter that most people think the internet and cloud mean the same thing, and they probably do for all practical purposes. Both matter to you for the potential they offer to compete in a global market. Estimates for Software as a Service (SaaS) products exceed $60 billion. Steps to succeeding in a lucrative field depend on choosing techniques that work.

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Voice Search Optimization
With technology in a continual state of development, digital trends are ramping up. These advancements have altered the way we interact with search engines, sparking the arrival of voice-enabled devices. As consumers become more intrigued by and accustomed to streamlined operations, inventions like voice search are gaining substantial traction. With voice search now available on smartphones, tablets, and voice assistants, gone are the days of manually typing inquiries.

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Blockchain - Moving Beyond Bitcoin
When it burst on the scene a few years ago, the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, made the headlines for two reasons. First, it enabled people anywhere to trade online quickly and anonymously. Second, in the early days, the value of a unit of this currency increased rapidly (though it fluctuated wildly ever since), and some people made big profits from buying and selling it.

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How Smart Geotargeting Can Help Website Conversions
You know how important it is for your company to have a great website and an integrated web presence. You work hard to make your website mobile friendly, and you update your blog and social media pages like clockwork. All that effort and hard work has finally paid off, and the number of visitors to your website are finally starting to grow.

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Why a Professional Website Will Always Beat Out a Cookie-Cutter Website
Website builders are extremely popular. They seem to offer everything you need to create a functional and appealing website. And if all you want is a basic website, you can build it yourself. This method is cheaper and it seems to work for everyone else, so why would you pay a professional website design agency when you could do it all yourself?

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5 Tips to Prevent Business Data Breaches
Data breaches occur when third parties gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Cybercriminals can access sensitive company data using a range of methods, including remotely infiltrating corporate IT networks or physically accessing on-premise computers.

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