Many webmasters believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is the only worthwhile method of driving traffic, but there are many others that should not be neglected.

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Twitter introduced Promoted Trends in 2010 to provide businesses with yet another avenue to raise the visibility of their brands on the platform. The Promoted Tweets offering was added to Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts so that businesses could promote a hashtag to display in users' Trends list.

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5 Tips to Convert a Desktop App to a Mobile Device App
Smartphones and tablets are a dominant traffic source for online businesses. If you search for desktop versus tablet metrics, web analysis companies tell you that the web is shifting from desktop browsers to mobile device browsers.

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In a game where the rules are constantly changing, optimizing your content for search engines can be a real challenge. Practices like keyword stuffing have been penalized to the point of being utterly discarded by web developers, but there are still numerous tried-and-true methods that will work for making your content rank well in a SERP.

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Before you acquire a business website, you need to look into more than just the number of visitors that it has and the purchase price. You'll also want to evaluate it from an SEO standpoint.

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From Designer to Developer: How to Prepare a PSD
The website design process, like all design processes, is an organic one. It’s full of trial and error, new ideas, and experimentation. The website development process, however, is a bit more exact.

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Whether you are a mobile app expert or just getting started in the app game, there are proven strategies you can start implementing today that will bring you more downloads to your mobile app or game.

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If you’re a small business owner, you probably rely on mass emails for a large portion of your marketing efforts. After all, email is an efficient, fast, and cost-effective way to get your message out to a lot of potential customers.

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Advantages of a CMS for your Website
Content Management Systems, commonly referred to as CMS, offer many benefits for individuals looking to create their own website, as well as make certain their growing website remains organized.

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Why Social Media Is More Than Bullying, Bragging, and Bad Manners
It started with MySpace and has grown to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a dozen other popular platforms. The ability to share information, opinions and images on a global level gave social media users a voice that they had never had before.

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