UI and UX Design - Whats the Difference?

For those who are not familiar with tech terms, the words UI design and UX design can sound bizarre. 

“UI design” refers to user interface design and appears more frequently in graphics design field, while “UX design” refers to user experience design and is often used in the technical and analytical realm. 

One of the best analogies to describe these two designs systems would be like thinking of a painter who would be painting without any thoughts. This is what a user interface without a user experience is all about. On the other hand, a user experience without the user interface can be considered a frame without a picture. 

User Experience Design

The user experience design can refer to the way of designing a particular product. This step can improve the loyalty of the customers, and it can also satisfy them. This can also refer to any interactions that have been made by the company and the scientific process that has been running behind it.

The user experience design as the analysis made for competitors and customers, the the strategy targeted at the product structure, wireframing, prototyping, testing, analytics, and includes coordination of the developers and designers.

The user experience design is what makes the product as it is, and it is used mostly by the developers and the creators.

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

The user interface design, on the other hand, has a broader meaning. There are many interpretations to the term and the most common reference to it would be how the product is presented. Its counterpart, the user experience design, might be a reference to how the users feel after they used the product, but the user interface design would focus on how an individual enjoyed using the product.

The tasks that are being used within the user interface design are all being covered by graphic design.

User Interface Design

UI and UX should complement each other, one would never work out without the help from the other half.