Advantages of a CMS for your Website
Content Management Systems, commonly referred to as CMS, offer many benefits for individuals looking to create their own website, as well as make certain their growing website remains organized.

Why Social Media Is More Than Bullying, Bragging, and Bad Manners
It started with MySpace and has grown to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a dozen other popular platforms. The ability to share information, opinions and images on a global level gave social media users a voice that they had never had before.

The world has gone upwardly mobile. The years of dragging around a laptop or sitting in front of a PC are over. Most people do their web browsing using a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

Early adoption of successful new technologies is part of what makes a rising company thrive. When a new business owner is experiencing exciting growth, it is a prime opportunity to embrace previously unheard of methodologies in their expansion.

Online marketing is the new trend and as technology advances, there is continued need to upgrade, streamline and reevaluate your website in order to stay current and relevant. A website makeover may be just what you need.

Hiring a Web Developer? Create a Wireframe First
If you’re getting ready to create a feature-rich, interactive website with custom applications, chances are good that you’ll be working with a web developer.

How to Avoid Getting Penalized by Google
If you think that your website may be violating any of the Google Guidelines you should fix the problem immediately to avoid getting a penalty from Google.

6 Tips for Memorable and Secure Passwords
You're probably groaning and rolling your eyes already, but most of us have that voice in the back of our minds when we read password advice, always reminding us about that bad password we continue to use.

Is Valid HTML5 Code Crucial for SEO?
People who engage in the Search Engine Optimization business should know about the various upcoming programming languages and the related day-to-day updates.

Evaluating Live Chat for your Website
Live chat support, or assistance through instant messaging is slowly becoming a very important method of providing customer care services.

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