Beat your Online Competition

The total number of websites in the world stands at around 634 million. Your website occupies 0.000000001578 fractional space.


Now that you know your miniscule worth, let us not waste any time.

What Is Website Optimization

An online shopper punches in his search term (for a particular item) in Google and in less than a second, millions of pages come up. This user will not go through all of them but only the first few.

Chances are, if your website does not come in those top few pages, you have lost a customer. The art of bringing the website in those top pages is website optimization.

A Clean Storefront

Just as walking into a store with haphazardly placed items, a website that is difficult to understand, or navigate, is a turn off for customers. is an excellent example of a simple clean site. After country selection, the homepage shows a single picture of Nike Free 5.0. There are no banners, no animated images. Just a shoe. Your site should reflect this type of clarity.

Keyword Usage

Commonly known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO, keyword usage is the driver of traffic to your site. The text on your web pages is related to what you are selling.

So why is your page not ranked high? That is because the page does not contain the phrases/words typed in by the online shopper. If you had the same phrase/word that the shopper typed, it helps your page rise in rankings. These phrases/words are called keywords.


Part of the online shopping experience is getting information about products. People post their opinions in blogs for everyone to read. Content also identifies new trends in the market. Writing up articles or blogging is a way to form opinions. Blogging, in essence, is the technology equivalent to the barber shop: nothing is hidden and advice costs a haircut.

Using Facebook and Other Social Media

There is only one true king in this business: the algorithm used by the search engines.

Search Engines decide what is good and bad. Currently, the Google algorithm loves social media. If the entire community on Facebook started talking about your website, it would make you immortal.

Do stuff on the social media. Create a page, and keep throwing new posts in – everyday!

People love contests and giveaways: use these as marketing tricks to get more traffic and higher rankings.


A Backlink is a link on another website. If a shopper is on that website, and clicks the link, he will be taken to your website.

Imagine 50000 bloggers put your link on their blogs. The question is: why would 50k bloggers put your link in the first place? Because they liked something you said, or some piece of information you gave that turned out to be useful.