Tips: How to make Joomla SEO Friendly
Joomla is a powerful, flexible, feature-rich Content Management System (CMS), a perfect solution for simple and complex websites. If you have a website using Joomla, view our list of basic Search Engine Optimization tips to help improve ranking in popular search engines.

Truth about Unlimited Web Hosting
For many of us, the word "unlimited" seems full of possibility. We love unlimited cell phone data, unlimited free refills, and unlimited WiFi. But the word unlimited rarely means what we think. In the case of web hosting, unlimited web hosting may not truly be what it seems.

Benefits of Linux Servers for web hosting
Shared hosting is generally the most economical option for web hosting, particularly for individuals and smaller businesses. This is a web hosting service where many sites reside on one server connected to the Internet, so the overall costs of service are spread out among many customers.

Lets Encrypt + Cloud Linux Available on e-dimensionz Shared Hosting Plans
The recent server upgrade for e-dimensionz Shared Hosting servers included two new features which will be showing up in client hosting accounts.

Simple Tips to Secure your Joomla Site
New exploits and vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and used against unsuspecting website owners. It's critical to take measures to protect your site’s security and to proactively prevent your website being exploited.

Simple Tips to Secure your WordPress Site
You’ve finally got your website on a web host. At this point, many webmasters sit back and let their website coast. The problem is that thousands of WordPress sites are hacked every single day.

7 eCommerce A/B Split Tests You Can Implement Today
eCommerce offers a chance for new entrepreneurs to rapidly build a successful online business. While there is a learning curve to any enterprise, there are enough tools and training guides to help anyone begin building an online store. The process is certainly manageable, but there are various steps that help the best entrepreneurs to stand out.

SSL Certificates: Importance & Advantages
Anyone who conducts business or transactions on the web needs to be aware of the importance of SSL certificates. Many people who make purchases or share sensitive personal information online will not visit a website unless the SSL certification is present; sites that don't have this feature may end up losing out on a high level of web traffic and conversions to sales.

How to be a Responsible Website Owner
Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new website! Your business has an internet presence that is responsive and attractive.  Check that accomplishment off the list and move on to the next business issue, right?

12 Quick A/B Tests to Implement on your eCommerce site
eCommerce sites are designed with conversions in mind. If you can't persuade enough visitors to purchase your products, sooner or later you will go out of business. You can spend a great deal of time perfecting a product, but your site presentation - along with reputation and word of mouth - will determine the conversion rate.

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