Importance of Website Maintenance
Every website should be checked regularly for issues to keep it updated and relevant. You need to maintain the site on a consistent basis to keep up on security issues, continue visitor growth, and strengthen your Google and SEO rank. Here are a few things to know about website management.

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AODA and WCAG: 2021 Web Accessibility Standards Deadline for Ontario
If you run a business in Ontario, you should be aware of the AODA and the effect it has on organizations. The AODA creates guidelines and requirements for accessibility in public spaces throughout the province.  The new standards for web accessibility go into effect in January 2021 and you may have to update your website to comply.

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The Importance of APIs: Benefits and Usage
Given the breakneck speed at which technology evolves, it is no wonder that business owners struggle to keep up with the terminology. Application programming interface, for example, is a fancy name for two-way communication between two different apps, databases or systems. APIs have become the bedrock of modern connectivity. API integration is a critical part of doing business, developing new products, and remaining relevant.

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Custom Web Design vs WordPress or Joomla
In today's market, there are lots of great options for building your website. It's often hard to decide whether to go with a WordPress theme, Joomla site template, or hire a website development company for a truly custom web design. This article takes a closer look at the pros and cons of both options to help you decide which is best for you. 

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For those who are not familiar with tech terms, the words UI design and UX design can sound bizarre.  “UI design” refers to user interface design and appears more frequently in graphics design field, while “UX design” refers to user experience design and is often used in the technical and analytical realm. 

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Cookie Consent Policies: What are They and Why You Need Them
Cookie consent notices are now everywhere, cheerfully popping up every time you open a website.  Today every website in the EU is required to display cookie consent notices after the relevant EU directive was signed by all member countries in 2011. However, even if your site is not hosted in the EU but is accessed by or targeted at EU consumers, you may be required to display a cookie notice on your site.

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Website Content Management: Joomla vs. WordPress
A significant factor in the success or failure of any website is the type of Content Management System (CMS) it uses. The CMS affects everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to security.

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What is SWOT Analysis
Whether you're an online influencer, a web retailer or a candlemaker, if you do business online, it's important to have a complete working SWOT Analysis for your brand. But just what is this analysis, why does it matter, how do you do one, and how often should you look at it?

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Blockchain Technology
When Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies were making new highs every day, investors could not get enough of these virtual forms of payment. From tech enthusiasts to technophobes, everyone wanted a piece of the virtual pie. Now that the tide has turned and cryptocurrency prices are falling, many of those same investors are changing their tune. Worse yet, some diehard cryptocurrency fans have soured on their favourite investment, dismissing Bitcoin and the like as a passing fad.

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WCAG and AODA Website Compliance
Businesses and organizations that operate in Ontario, Canada are required to familiarize themselves with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The Act is an equality policy that seeks to ensure that all Ontarians, whether disabled or not, are able to access all aspects and areas of a website. The Act applies to all companies and organizations operating in the province including public bodies and organizations.

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