What Defines a "Good" Website?

This is a question that all website owners may ask themselves at some point. Whether it’s when you first start to create your website, when it’s still new, or maybe even after seeing this article title. Branding can only get you so far, and there are many methods to increase the appeal of your website to visitors, even within the very first few seconds of someone visiting your website. 

Retention is very important for websites, and you need to make sure to hook them in quickly to gain their attention, and eventually your service. Let’s go over some of the many ways you could help improve your website, and attract new visitors!

Optimization is key

A lot of website owners love to focus on some of the many plugins and features that are out there, but you also need to keep in mind optimization when injecting these new plugins into your store. Before deciding on something, ask yourself:

  • Is this going to affect the speed of my store?
  • Is this something that will prove to be invasive to customers?
  • Is this really necessary for me to attain the vision I have for my brand?

No matter what kind of website you own, you need to make the educated decision of what to add, and where to add it. For example, having a landing page or homepage with 5 pop-ups and a load speed of 6 seconds may not be something that will draw in the attention of your future customers; so always think about optimization. Without good speed, you may struggle before you even begin!

Navigating the store, how straightforward is it?

One important thing to keep in mind is navigation. This isn’t only useful for the retention of your clients, but also is a very useful step to have a WCAG compliant website as well! Having a menu that changes on every page, or having a menu that’s really unclear or difficult to navigate, may frustrate your customers and cause them to leave without a second thought. Putting some time into organizing your menu into a very simple and organized list could go a long way for you!

If you need a good example of this, you can look above at the menu on our own website. Everything is neatly organized into menus, with clear headings of what each menu contains. Having a visitor struggle to find something as simple as a “Contact Us” or a “Product Page” is something you definitely want to avoid. Create your menu, and send it off to some friends to test and see if they’re able to find everything easily for you!

Redesigning your website, keep it modern

There’s really two sides to this, and you want to be put very neatly in the middle. On one hand, you can change it too often, which could not be financially beneficial for your company, and confusing for your customers. On the other hand, having updates every couple of years could go a long way, and will help your site stay modern. The internet and web development is always changing, and coming up with new, exciting things - don’t let your site collect dust, give it a nice, refreshing look once in a while!

There’s already many new features you can implement to keep your site modern and up to date, and small things such as SVG’s (Scalable Vector Graphics) can go a long way, when put into the right hands. It’s good to invest in a company that specializes in this kind of work, so if you’re looking to modernize your website, try looking at our features and services at e-dimensionz Inc.!

Stay connected with your clientele

There’s many ways of achieving this, but it’s good to make sure there’s easy ways to connect with all of the clients who visit your website. Grocery, online services, or custom work - always make sure to include an easy-to-find way of connecting with them. Having a non-invasive newsletter signup, or even a contact form. Keep in mind that these are both very different and unique - a newsletter would be for those who want to keep up to date with your services and offers, and a contact form would be for direct communication! Having both doesn’t hurt, but as explained above, make sure you keep them easily accessible for your clientele.

Create a blog for useful information

One thing that Google wants to make sure of in modern years, is not only SEO, but making sure websites contain useful information. A good way of handling this is by creating a blog for your website! Aim your blog to create informative and useful content geared towards the services you provide, and you will naturally lead in more traffic. The more organized it is, the better the retention rate will be as well. Don’t underestimate the power of relevancy!

No matter what kind of business you are in, it’s always useful to keep in mind the above tactics when creating your website, or managing your existing one. It’s easy to get lost in the details, but if you take the time and really working towards something that is eye-catching and organized, as well as optimized and has great SEO, your company and business will expand before your very eyes.

If you do have any inquiries or questions, or need any services that we provide, please feel free to contact us and we can help you on the right path today! us.