How to Create a Perfect Landing Page

A landing page, also known as a lead capture page, is an important feature of Internet marketing.

The landing page is the one which people will see if they click on an advertisement. It is not the same as a homepage, and is instead supposed to focus on advertising a specific product or service that your company has to offer.

You can place links to your landing pages when informing people about a new product or special promotion in an email newsletter, on pay-per-click advertisements, or on social media sites. A good landing page can greatly increase your conversion rate.

The following tips take a look at the various important elements that define a good landing page.

The Headline

Any landing page starts with a headline, and this will likely be the very first thing that your visitors see. The headline should be catchy and informative while at the same time reflecting the content of the page.

Stick to using the active voice and be direct in your headlines. Lists and how-to headlines are also popular on the Web. Using your chosen keywords is also advisable, so long as doing so doesn't make your headline any less engaging.

Headlines should encourage visitors to look further. They should clearly address the purpose of the page without being vague.

Flawless Spelling and Grammar

If your content looks as though it has been written by a non-native English speaker writing for $5 per page in a sweatshop on the other side of the world, your visitors are hardly likely to trust you.

Impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation is an absolute must. After all, the purpose of a landing page is to encourage conversions, and few people will be willing to part with their financial and personal information if they find that your page is littered with typing errors and poor grammar.

Diversify Your Content

Providing images of any products you are advertising or any other related images is absolutely essential for getting people's attention.

Few people will have the patience to read a lengthy amount of text on a landing page, so you should be sure to diversify your content to use more engaging mediums such as images, videos and infographics. You can embed video content from YouTube to provide things like customer testimonials, product reviews and how-to guides.

Use a Powerful Call to Action

Any landing page should culminate in a strong call to action after having described your product.

The call to action should ultimately recommend your product as a solution and guide visitors towards making a purchase. If you can offer something like a free trial, a special promotion or instil a sense of urgency, then your call to action will be even more effective.

Highlight Important Page Elements

Important page elements such as calls to action and particularly important key phrases or links should be highlighted so that they stand out.

Remember that most of your visitors will have a fairly short attention span, so make sure that the 'good stuff' stands out clearly. Using bright colours and varying typographic styles can also be effective.

Keep Important Information above the Fold

Minimize the necessity for your viewers to scroll down the page by ensuring that you keep all important information close to the top of the page.

It is particularly important that you place any call to action links or buttons on the top of the page where your visitors will not have to search for it.

Have Fewer Links on the Page

Having too many links on your landing page can end up being distracting to your readers, and this will ultimately have a negative impact on your conversion rate.

A landing page should be kept as simple and to-the-point as possible. Having an abundance of links and other navigational features on a homepage might be useful, but for landing pages, simplicity is what you should be aiming for.

Provide Testimonials

If you have them or are able to get them, be sure to include one or more customer testimonials. Never display fake testimonials, however, since they will inevitably end up looking suspicious. Having a video testimonial is also something worth considering.