What is Cloud Computing

No matter how big or small your business, the security of its data is the key to it's survival.

If your company were to lose its files, just how long could your company keep going? You may think you are protected if you have a backup server and software in place, but have when was the last time you did a disaster recovery test and tried to recover that data?

If you cannot remember the last time, you may not have the protection in place that you think you do.

Your business and your data could be at even greater risk if your backups all take place onsite. If a fire, flood or natural disaster were to strike your business, you could find yourself without computers, servers or a good backup plan.

That is where the cloud computing model comes in.

In the cloud, your vital business data is backed up remotely, and kept safe from loss. Even if your business were to suffer a serious disaster and your physical infrastructure were completely lost, your data would be safe and protected.

With the cloud computing model, you can easily restore the data from your business and get things up and running quickly. Once you replace the physical hardware, you can simply bring the files back and be back online as if nothing had ever happened.

You may even be able to run your business remotely using replacement hardware while the repairs are done to your building and your computers.

Cloud computing can be extremely valuable, no matter what the nature of your business or what your hardware budget.