Accessing Webmail SiteWorx provides access to 2 different Web-based email programs (Horde & Round Cube), each... Configure Email Routing By default, the mail service for all hosted domains is set to be our hosting local one.... Configure MX for External Mail Servers When a SiteWorx hosting account is initially created it is configured to handle mail for the... Configure your email client Basic settings for use with IMAP and POP email clients and links to detailed instructions for... Create and modify mailboxes in SiteWorx After you have created an email account, you will be able to modify properties, such as password... Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour allowed If your email is returned with error messages similar to the following, you may have sent too... Forwarding Email to Gmail If you're forwarding email to Gmail through SiteWorx, you'll want to ensure that mail will be... How To empty a full Email Account If you have received an email from our server warning you were over your email quota, it might... How to use Google Mail Fetcher to Backup and Send Emails from Other Email Accounts Google Mail Fetcher in Gmail is easy to set up and allows you to centralize all your email in... I receive returned emails, which I did not send This problem is caused by spammers who are using a forged email address pretending to be yours.... What are email forwarders? Email forwarders allow you to forward a copy of all mail from one address to another. For... What is Spam? Spam refers to junk email that's sent out in mass quantities. On average, three-fourths of the... What is an email auto-responder? An email auto-responder is exactly what you'd expect based on the name. Inside most control... What to do if your Email Account is sending Spam If spam is being sent out from your email account, your email address has either spoofed or...
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