SSH, Data Restoration Request, Website / Account Backup File


$10 One Time. SSH allows secure file transfer and remote logins over the Internet.

Data Restoration Request

Our system maintains regular backups of all Shared Hosting customer data for disaster recovery purposes , overwriting the previous backup. While we keep these mainly for our own use, we can attempt to accommodate customer requests in the rare case that your own self-managed backups do not contain the data you need
* We encourage all customers to maintain their own backups. We offer this service only as a last-resort measure to customers who have exhausted all other means of retrieving their data
* In the event that we cannot recover the requested data, there will be no charge
* No guarantees are made as to the successful recovery of lost data

Website / Account Backup File

Receive a website or full account backup file.

  • This can be self managed by logging into Siteworx" Note
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