Can I host more than one site per account? It depends on whether you want each site to have its own domain name or not. If you don't mind,... Can I try a hosting account for free? We don't offer test accounts to customers; however, we have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you... Do you offer custom backup services? Yes, e-dimensionz offers custom backup services. We can create and set a backup script with the... Hidden Costs and Setup Fees There are no hidden costs or setup fees on any of our hosting plans. We offer some optional... How many email accounts do I need? That's really up to you; it depends on how many people you think will be using email on your... How much disk space and bandwidth do I need for my website? You probably understand what disk space is, but what is bandwidth? A bandwidth quota is a limit... How often is my website backed up by e-dimensionz? e-dimensionz performs weekly backups of customers' shared and semi-dedicated hosting accounts .... Transfer your website to e-dimensionz Hosting One of the daunting tasks that a website owner can face is transferring their website to a new... VPS vs Dedicated Server Consider purchasing a Cloud VPS Hosting Plan if... Your site is currently on a shared... What is Shared Hosting? Shared hosting refers to a website that resides on the same server as other websites. The... What is the difference between Domains, Hosting, and Websites? Visitors use your domain name to view your website. When they enter your domain name into a... Which Control Panel Is Provided with Web Hosting? For our web hosting services, we utilize the SiteWorx by Interworx control panel. SiteWorx is... Why do I have to verify to receive support? We are committed to protecting your account and personal information. We can only offer basic...
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