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When a SiteWorx hosting account is initially created it is configured to handle mail for the given domain by default.

This means SiteWorx assumes it will act as a Post Box for your domain. It will accept mail for the configured mailboxes and forwarders allowing you to use IMAP or POP3 to collect mail. If you wish to have your mail handled by external providers such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps then changing the MX records for your domain is appropriate.

  1. From the SiteWorx main menu, click Administration > Mail Options > Remote Setup
  2. Under Action, click [Disable] for the domain that you want local delivery disabled
  3. When prompted, click Disable to confirm.
    • If you are only disabling email for your domain, stop here.
    • If you need to configure email to point to a remote mail server, continue to Step 4
  4. Under the MX Records section, click [Edit]
  5. Enter the appropriate settings for your remote mail server and click Save.
    • TTL: Time to Live; the number of seconds that a record will be considered valid by a server caching the information.
    • Preference Number: An integer, ranging from 0-65535, indicating the order in which records should be attempted. Lower numbers will be processed before higher numbers.
    • Mail Server: The name of the destination server where mail traffic will be directed.

Using webmail with custom MX records

Once you have disabled local delivery and provided custom MX records, Web-based email programs provided by SiteWorx will now act as IMAP clients, provided that IMAP is supported by the mail server.

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