CMS Security & Updates

Security packages for updates, security, backups & support for your CMS or eCommerce framework

Basic CMS Security Package

Ideal for small, static brochure sites.
- Routine updates to WordPress or Joomla to keep your site secure and functioning.
- Regular backups to safeguard your data and ensure quick recovery if needed.
- Basic security monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and protect against threats.
- Access to our support team during business hours for any questions or concerns.
- Monthly Reports.

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CMS Security & Updates

Standard CMS Security Package

Ideal for more interactive, content-driven websites.
- Includes all Basic Plan features.
- Regular updates to themes, addressing both functionality and security concerns.
- Bi-weekly Backups for dynamic sites.
- Keeping plugins up-to-date for enhanced site functionality and security.
- Enhanced Security Scanning for more comprehensive security checks and malware scanning.

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CMS Security & Updates

Premium CMS Security Package

Best for high-traffic, e-commerce, or complex sites requiring intensive management.
- Includes all Standard Plan features.
- Weekly Backups for utmost data integrity for high-traffic sites.
- 24/7 Priority Support
- Advanced monitoring for optimal site performance and reliability.
- Customized security measures to meet specific needs of the site.

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CMS Security & Updates

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