Website Audit

Website Audit analyzes your website structure and markup

Website Technical Audit (Full)

The Full Website Technical Audit package is a thorough technical audit of your website, including reviewing the url structure, HTML validation, page titles, meta information, standards compliance, sitemap and robots files, mobile support, website performance, and more. The Audit can be used to review a website launching or to assess the condition of an existing website.
What will you receive?
* Detailed PDF report documentation of technical and site architecture issues
* Detailed Recommendations for enhancing website
Requires 14 work days for delivery

Keyword Research Report

Keyword research is the process of investigating keywords and phrases your potential clients are searching for and receive a report to target your SEO Efforts and generate content that will drive traffic to your site.
What will you receive?
* PDF report of your competitors top keywords, keywords you are ranking for and alternative keyword recommendations
Requires 5-7 work days for delivery

Competitive Analysis

See what your competitors are doing and how they perform online.
(Up to 3 competitors)
* Identify competitors' Search Engine strategy
* Assess your competitors' Social Media strategies and online impact
What will you receive?
* PDF report documentation
Requires 15-20 work days for delivery

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