4 Ways Pinterest Boosts Your Online Presence

December 4, 2013

Pinterest has exploded in popularity over the past several months. The Pinterest concept is to create visual "Pinboards" from images, called "Pins." Pins can have a caption of up to 500 characters, including links.

Pins can be repinned to a user's Pinboard or the user can click "Like" to simply like the image. Pinterest's format is similar to a bulletin board filled with images.

Apply for an invitation to the website and, once you are accepted, post Pins to your Pinboards. You can also add a "Pin It" link to your browser's bookmarks and automatically pin anything from the Internet. It's one of the fastest ways to share visual web content.

There are plenty of ways Pinterest can boost your online presence. It can help attract followers to Facebook or Twitter, showcase products, invite traffic to a blog post, or provide an easy way for Pinterest users to Pin images from your website.

1. Increase Facebook and Twitter Fans

Pinterest can help add more fans to your Facebook page or more followers to your Twitter account. You can't Pin an image directly from your Facebook page to your Pinterest account, but you can link your Facebook account with Pinterest and showcase your Pinboards.

When your Facebook and Pinterest accounts are linked, then your Facebook fans can follow your Pinterest boards. Another way to integrate Facebook is to Pin an image to Pinterest and add a Facebook status update as the caption. Log in to your Pinterest account with Facebook to access more features.

Each time you Pin a new image to a Pinboard, you are given the option to "tweet" the Pin to your Twitter account. You can also provide a link to your Twitter account as a Pin caption. Of course, you can also "tweet" about your Pins on your Twitter account and encourage others to "retweet" or "reply."

2. Showcase Online Products

If you own an ecommerce website or have products listed on a website like eBay or Etsy, then Pinterest is an excellent place to showcase those products. Pin them to your Pinterest Pinboard and add descriptive copy as the caption. Build a following and encourage others to repin your products by liking their products.

Make sure to stay within the rules of Pinterest, since you are not allowed to use the site for "commercial purposes." This means you can't add marketing copy and push the products onto your Pinterest followers. But it's perfectly allowed within the guidelines to pin product images with a simple caption. Don't include the price in the caption.

3. Increase Blog Traffic

Pinterest is a fast and easy way to increase blog traffic. Add the "Pin It" button to your bookmarks bar on your browser. Once you've published your blog post, click the "Pin It" button to Pin the blog image to Pinterest. Type a caption about the blog post with a link to your blog. Click the "Pin It" button and it appears on your Pinboard.

Organize your blog post Pins into a Pinboard for others to easily follow your blog online. Follow and "like" others' Pins. The more exposure you can generate by pinning blog images, the more blog traffic you will receive.

4. Pinterest Social Media Buttons

Add the Pinterest "Pin It" button to your blog posts and web pages. Pinterest users can easily Pin your online images to their Pinboards and increase your online presence. The Pinterest social media buttons are similar to other sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

There are already plenty of Pinterest plugins and widgets to integrate seamlessly with your WordPress blog or website. Set up a plugin or display a widget on your WordPress site to increase traffic, encourage sharing, and attract more followers.

Pinterest is most powerful when you integrate it with other aspects of your online presence, including your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and e-commerce websites. It requires less mouse clicks to Pin an image than it does to type a new Twitter tweet or update a Facebook status. Pinterest is an excellent way to add exposure to your online branding.

by on December 4, 2013

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