How to Avoid Getting Penalized by Google

If you think that your website may be violating any of the Google Guidelines you should fix the problem immediately to avoid getting a penalty from Google.

Spend some time going through your website and your SEO tactics to make sure that everything is how it should be. If you use shady SEO tactics to gain traffic and backlinks, you are playing with fire. Keep your SEO methods clean and white to get the best results in your ranking and traffic. Go through this list of examples of what could give you a penalty if you are not careful.

Hidden Text

Stop using hidden text on your website as this is a violation against Google’s Guidelines and will get you penalized if Google finds out. Hidden text is text on your site that is only visible to the search engines and not to your visitors. This way you will be able to stuff your pages with keywords or links by using white font on a white background.

Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing your website with keywords to rank higher in the search engines will only annoy your readers and hurt your ranking. Make sure that your content is readable and well written and not filled with the same keywords throughout the page. Mention your keyword a couple of times on the page where it looks natural.

Doorway Pages

Do not make doorway pages, which are highly search engine optimized sites that will get on the first page of Google but then redirect visitors to a whole other website when they enter your site. This may give you some fast traffic to your website, though it may also give you a penalty if Google finds out.

If You Get Penalized

If your site gets penalized before you had the chance to change your shady behavior, you should send a reconsideration request through the Webmaster Tools. But before you do this you need to actually make the changes to your site so that you can tell and show Google that you realize you have violated the rules and that you have fixed the problem. If your site was manually penalized by Google this should help and the penalty should be lifted once they have made sure your site is clean.

Basically you need to end any shady SEO tactics you may use and replace them with some white hat methods instead that will improve your online business instead of hurting it.