Auto Compile React Theme

To automate the compilation of your React theme on cPanel or Siteworx, you need to create a script that will run the build process. 

Step 1: Create the Auto Compile Script

  1. Access the File Manager
    • Log in to your cPanel or Siteworx account.
    • Navigate to the "File Manager" from the dashboard.
  2. Create a New Script File
    • In the directory where you want to manage your React theme (usually public_html or a subdirectory), create a new file. You can name it
  3. Edit the Script File
    • Open the newly created file for editing.
    • Add the following script to compile your React theme:
# Navigate to the project directory
cd /home/yourusername/public_html/yourproject
# Pull the latest changes from the repository (if using version control)
git pull origin main
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run the build script
npm run build
    • Replace /home/yourusername/public_html/yourproject with the actual path to your React project.
    • If you're not using a version control system like Git, you can omit the git pull line.
  1. Save and Close the File
  2. Set File Permissions
    • Ensure the script is executable. You can do this via the File Manager or by using an SSH terminal:
chmod +x /home/yourusername/public_html/yourproject/

Step 2: Running the Script Manually

  1. Access the Terminal
    • If your hosting provides SSH access, log in via SSH.
    • Navigate to the directory where the script is located:
cd /home/yourusername/public_html/yourproject
  1. Execute the Script
    • Run the script manually:
    • This will compile your React theme based on the latest code.

Step 3: Setting Up a Cron Job

To automate the process of compiling your React theme at regular intervals or after specific events, you can set up a cron job.

  1. Access the Cron Jobs Section
    • In your cPanel or Siteworx dashboard, locate and click on the "Cron Jobs" icon.
  2. Create a New Cron Job
    • In the Cron Jobs interface, you will see a form to add a new cron job.
    • Set the schedule for your cron job using the provided fields (Minute, Hour, Day, Month, and Weekday). For example, to run the job every hour, you can set:
Minute: 0
Hour: *
Day: *
Month: *
Weekday: *
  1. Enter the Command to Run
    • In the "Command" field, enter the path to your script:
    • Replace /home/yourusername/public_html/yourproject/ with the actual path to your script.
  1. Save the Cron Job
    • Click "Add New Cron Job" to save it. The cron job will now run automatically at the specified intervals, compiling your React theme.

Testing and Verification

  1. Manual Execution
    • Manually run the script as described in Step 2 to ensure it works correctly.
  2. Cron Job Verification
    • Wait for the next scheduled run of your cron job or manually trigger it via your cPanel/Siteworx interface to ensure it compiles the React theme as expected.

Automating the process of compiling your React theme on cPanel or Siteworx ensures your site is always up-to-date with the latest changes.

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