Lets Encrypt + Cloud Linux Available on e-dimensionz Shared Hosting Plans

The recent server upgrade for e-dimensionz Shared Hosting servers included two new features which will be showing up in client hosting accounts.


The first is CloudLinux, the leading OS platform for multitenancy.

CloudLinux further improves stability and security by isolating each tenant to a share of resources. This creates an environment for each tenant far more like a virtual server than simply a portion of local memory allotted on a shared server.

This reduces costs and churn (client loss) rates. And leads to greater profits. CloudLinux is engineered for shared hosting, so that each tenant is isolated to a separate virtual environment where even traffic spikes and malware cannot jeopardize the stability or security of any other tenant.

Stability and improved performance: CloudLinux OS keeps servers functioning under even the worst loads, functioning at a kernel level which limits tenants to their fair share of the resources, meaning no amount of server overload or memory demand will affect other clients.

The level of performance and stability CloudLinux allows makes sites safer and more efficient to users, allowing for smoother handling of high traffic volume.

CloudLinux permits a higher level of resource usage without the corresponding loss of performance for page-loads and searches. Site owners saved from administration headaches have more time to spend on marketing or generating great content to increase their customer base, leading to better profitably for the client.

CloudLinux comes with some excellent features to improve performance, such as OptimumCache, as well as compatibility with most control panels and other Linux-based systems like CentOS.

Linux was never designed for use by a large number of unverified users. Even on Linux servers, hackers could open a fraudulent account on a shared host and begin working their way into the OS and the file system, often leaving one or more sites in shambles. CloudLinux overcomes that by ensuring no tenant can see beyond their own file system.

PHP Selector: One PHP version does not fit all! Since each account runs in its own dedicated environment, our customers have the flexibility of selecting their own account's PHP version and pick and choose from a full selection of stable PHP modules that are enabled for them. This will allow you to select the PHP version that's best for your application instead of settling the server-installed version. You can select from long-deprecated versions like PHP 4.4, 5.1 - 5.3, up to the bleeding edge 7.0

CloudLinux is included in all e-dimensionz Shared Hosting accounts

Let's Encrypt

Another feature we added to our Shared Hosting Plans is the inclusion of the Let's Encrypt service. This is another free and automated open certificate service created for public benefit by the Internet Research Security Group (IRSG).

Any account holder can use Let's Encrypt to obtain trusted certificates that work on all browsers - with a single click. No signup forms, dedicated IPs, manual domain verification or complicated domain certificate installation.

The automatic issuance and revocation of certificates will be an open protocol standard which other users can adopt.

Security through encryption is increasingly important as both Chrome and Firefox have announced intentions to deprecate use of standard http (hyper text transport protocol) in favor of https which provides secure communication through encryption.

CloudLinux and Let's Encrypt are a great combination of open-source software that offers built in communities for varied development and wide support, that also improve security and performance while keeping down costs.