How to Make the Most of Your Website Hosting Diskspace and Bandwidth

Slow loading websites, caused by crammed diskspace and bandwidth, can be detrimental to website owners and can have a seriously negative impact on business.

As a website owner, your primary concern should be providing visitors with valuable information on your website, as quickly as possible. These tips will help you to make the most of your hosting diskspace and bandwidth, helping your website to run smoothly and successfully.

Organize Your Files

Organization is vital. If you don't organize your files, you can end up storing a large number of needless files, filling your hosting account with a lot of unnecessary files and potentially creating a cluttered website, even increasing chance of errors when updating your website. Categorize files into folders and arrange them in an order that is easy to follow.

Choose Your Graphics Carefully

How many images, videos, and sound files do you have on your website? How many per page? How many of them are necessary?

A media heavy page can cause your website to run slowly, affecting visitor experience. If you don’t think you need a graphic, and you are just using it for the sake of it, you should get rid of it. If you have a page with a lot of media files, try to restructure or break up the page to increase page load time.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images (image compresson) is a great way to reduce the file size and improve page load time for pages with a lot of images. There are plenty of apps for compressing images, one of our favourite online tools for quick compression is Tiny PNG. Tiny PNG will support compression of both .jpeg and .png image files.

Manage Your Emails

Many don't realize that saving copies of emails on the server counts toward the diskspace included in their hosting package and can take up a lot of diskspace. Dispose of unnecessary emails on a regular basis to prevent using your hosting account for email storage. You might want to save and store important emails on your computer or in a 3rd party email service, like Gmail.

Multiple Domains

Do you own more than one domain? If you do, you could find a website hosting package that allows multiple domains to be hosted from the same hosting account. Your additional domains can be added to your primary domain as sub domains or add-on domains. This will help you save money by having only 1 hosting account for multiple websites and share resources between domains.

Don’t compromise on the success of your website by failing to make the most of your hosting diskspace and bandwidth. If you organize and target your files, you greatly increase your chances of running an efficient website.