Choosing a Web Developer for your Website

April 30, 2013

Web development is an ever evolving field of specialization and finding a good web developer can be a rather challenging undertaking especially if you are not at par with current web development nitty gritties!

It is advisable to be very careful and open minded as you search for the best web developer for your next project.

Below are a few key things to be on the look out for:


Talk is cheap! Do not fall prey to a smooth talking web developer by taking their word at face value. Insist on checking out their portfolio and previous assignments and projects as well as searching for any available customer reviews about their work.

It is one thing to sit through a heartwarming, breathtaking Power Point presentation and a whole different ball game to implement a working, user-friendly website.


If you have to jump through hoops to get in touch with the web developer, then you should be concerned.

It is essential to establish that their work-life balance is healthy enough for them to complete the job at hand without external strains.

A part-time web developer is likely to have less time to devote to the task at hand as compared to hiring full-time.

Make sure that the person you are looking to hire has a considerable sense of urgency when it comes to communicating ideas and progress.

Timely and effective response to emails and phone calls should be a telltale sign.

Also think ahead past the project completion phase; are they available for website upgrades? Will they be available in case you need to fix some unpredictable website hiccups down the road? Will they be available to provide much needed technical support in the long-term?

Technological skills and exposure

Ask yourself these questions; what are their skill set? Are these skills relevant and/or beneficial to your web development project? Is this person committed to acquiring new skills to keep up with the rapidly changing technological world? Do they possess a variety of skill sets? Are they competent in each of these areas (web design, web development, project management, website marketing)?

If YES, then remember to assess fully how all these skills integrate with your project needs to deliver a top notch and competitive website.

Your budget

Cheap is expensive! Do not consider hiring a cheap web developer just so you can stay within a restricted budget. Quality work will translate to a reasonable price tag but not a 'break-the-bank' hefty pay.

Get a quote from different web developers who you believe are poised to meet the specifications of your project and then work from there to adjust your budget, never vice versa!

Legal ties

Do not be caught up in legal battles should your would-be web developer fail to complete assignment or delivers mediocre work. It is advisable to establish a sound agreement and decipher any fine print gimmicks that could potentially entrap you, leaving you vulnerable to buyer's remorse!

by on April 30, 2013

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