Building a Not-for-Profit Website

Not-for-Profit websites require many of the same features as any website: user friendly, easy to navigate, purpose clearly defined, cross-device compatible, and visually appealing.

But a Not-for-Profit website also needs to increase awareness, attract donors, find volunteers, and generate media attention. 

A website is one of the best ways for a Not-for-Profit to promote it's mission, build trust, and make a bigger impact. Below, we've shared some features a Not-for-Profit site should include to help succeed and inspire action from the community. 

Fundraising and Donors

Fundraising is a necessity for Not-for-Profit organizations that have limited budget. To attract prospective donors, it's important to include a visible "Donate" button displayed on every page of the website. 

Allow one-time and recurring donations and make the process of donating a simple and straight-forward process. Don't force donors to create an account when donating and offer the option to sign up an eNewsletter, allowing for future communication to assist with generating more donations and support.  

Overview of website features to make the website donor-friendly:

  • Visible Donate button
  • Simple donate process
  • User friendly layout, easy to navigate
  • Testimonials
  • eNewsletter signup 

It's also good practice to include a Privacy Policy page to show your commitment to safeguarding donor personal information.


Volunteers who are offer time and skills are critical to many Not-for-Profits. Help generate awareness and attract volunteers by dedicating a page that provides information on how volunteers can get involved, volunteer opportunities, how their time will make an impact, and contact information for registering as a volunteer. 

Some features to include to help attract volunteers:

  • Volunteer page with contact information
  • Social Media links (profiles + sharing)
  • Social Profile links
  • Testimonials
  • Event Calendar


Media attention plays a huge part in helping increase exposure for a Not-for-Profit, raising awareness, increasing donations and volunteers.

Having a page sharing the history of the Not-for-Profit, along with profiles of the team members assists journalists who want to know more about the Not-for-Profit. This will also help build trust, credibility, and confidence for prospective donors and volunteers.

Including a media kit that can be downloaded from the website will be a useful tool for journalists (and bloggers) who need material for sharing details about the Not-for-Profit.

Features for building a media-friendly site

  • Board and Staff profiles
  • Media Coverage section
  • Downloadable Media Kit
  • Blog / News area
  • Social Profile links

Proof of Charitable Work

An important aspect to consider when creating a Not-for-Profit website is to include proof of existing and current charitable programs. Potential donors and volunteers want to see the work by the Not-for-Profit before they get involved with the organization. Proof could be from from pictorial evidence, press and media articles, news coverage, videos, and testimonials from beneficiaries and donors.

Features to include as proof of charitable work: 

  • Media Coverage section
  • Blog / News area
  • Social Media links (profiles + sharing)
  • Testimonials
  • Event Calendar

Analytics and Tracking

Tracking data on website traffic is valuable for improving effectiveness of the website. Monitoring where visitors are coming from, what pages they are most interested in, search queries they are using, and traffic changes during any events or campaigns. With a deeper understanding of website traffic, the website can be modified to fit their needs and improve impact and reach.

Free tools for Tracking:

As a token of our appreciation, e-dimensionz offers free hosting to Not-for-Profits and Charitable organizations registered in Canada. 

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