Advantages of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Operating a small business on a budget calls for smart marketing strategies that will convert communication into sales.

Reaches your target audience in a more personalized way

Unlike social media platforms which guarantees very little (if any) privacy, email marketing reaches your targeted audience in a more secure and private manner therefore giving you an 'intimate' approach to marketing.

Such settings are the perfect ingredients for brewing a trustworthy and strong relationship with your targeted prospects and therefore encouraging ACTION and eventually growing sales.


Email marketing is realistically affordable and in most cases very cost effective.

It eliminates the need for print as well as physical handling and mailing which takes the burden of sorting through paper mail off your shoulders. With a very high ROI (return on investment), email marketing almost guarantees that it will not put a dent on your already tight budget.

No limitations to character space

Compared to text message (SMS) marketing and other social media platforms that often limit your character input to a certain amount (160 characters), email marketing doesn't present you with creativity constraints and the dilemmas of limited character space.

Keep in mind, however, that your targeted audience still needs to be enticed with attention grabbing SUBJECT lines that are fresh as well as relevant and valuable content in order to increase the chances of your messages being opened and eventually read.

Be creative. Incorporate graphics and pictures to make your message more enjoyable and palatable! You wouldn't want your email to be perceived as another SPAM!

It's easy to set up and use

You do not have to be a technology geek to effectively and efficiently make use of email marketing!

Even better news is that there are programs that are already available which will help you in setting up and getting started on the right track. MailChimpVertical Response and Constant Contact, just to name a few, are a good place to start.

With email alerts that are relevant and timely surveys, you will be opening up a marketing platform for your small business to stay engaged and connected to your loyal following as well as a great opportunity to reach out to new clients and grow your business.

Strategize smartly and score

Now that you have considered email marketing and are ready to implement, you will need to be smart about it in order to generate a positive outcome.

Content relevance, valuable take-aways (such as event information, free downloadable guides to a new product(s), or even a link for follow up information will go a long way to establish trustworthiness and add value to your communication.

This almost guarantees you future interaction and opens up avenues for business relationships. Keep your email lists updated to ensure that you are not just sending emails to 'dead ends'. Reviewing those contacts that actually click and open your emails will ensure that you stay connected in your future communication efforts.