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ONTARIO - February 19, 2013

e-dimensionz Inc Becomes Google Engage Partner

ONTARIO - February 19, 2013

The web development and design company e-dimensionz has become an official partner of the Google Engage program. e-dimensionz is responsible for taking care of the search-engine optimization or marketing (SEO/SEM) aspects of the business websites they develop for customers, such as link building, increased traffic and higher rankings on search results pages. This takes the burden off their customers, who can focus their efforts on the core business.

As a Google Engage partner, e-dimensionz is now entitled to direct support from Google AdWords to boost the SEO/SEM services they offer to customers. Support is offered on phone, through webinars and online training, and a dedicated representative is assigned to them as well.

This valuable partnership will give e-dimensionz a better understanding of the latest developments in the Google website ranking algorithms. The company will then be able to offer the most effective strategies in the field of internet marketing in order to improve their customers' business.

Google Engage already supports a large number of web consulting companies in the U.S. and Canada, though it chooses its partners very selectively. The Google Engage partnership gives strong credibility to the e-dimensionz service offered to customers because the company has earned the approval of Google, the leading expert on SEO/SEM. Google Engage requires its partners to be actively involved with the program on a regular basis; e-dimensionz is guaranteed to stay on top of the game as a SEO/SEM consultant.

Customers of e-dimensionz have a lot to gain from this partnership. When they pay $25 and sign up for a new Google AdWords account, they will receive a promotional advertising credit of $100 to boost their AdWord campaigns. The SEO/SEM consulting company will also receive AdWords coupons from Google Engage occasionally, and they will pass on these benefits directly to their loyal customers.

AdWords has revolutionized the world of online advertising. By signing up for an AdWords campaign, e-dimensionz customers will be able to reach out to their audience as soon as an interest is shown in the products or services being sold. They can focus their marketing efforts on a local audience, who can walk into the physical store to verify their credibility. The combination of real-time customer engagement and localized marketing increases the likelihood of lead conversion and sales.

With a managed AdWords campaign, the money put into advertising can be closely tracked; e-dimensionz customers remain in control of their marketing investment and the returns it yields. Through analysis, they can detect campaign failures early. They can modify their marketing strategy and earn value in some other way.

AdWords gives the flexibility of modifying ad campaigns on short notice without much fuss. Managed AdWords campaigns are available for e-dimensionz customers since the company is a Google Engage partner; customers interested in availing these immense business benefits can contact the company at 1-888-635-9679 for further details.

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