September 8-9th, e-dimensionz CTO will be giving a keynote at the "2nd Open Data Forum" in Kherson, Ukraine

As part of our ongoing consultancy/cooperation with various Ukrainian government bodies during their historic political transition - on September 8-9th, our CTO will be giving a keynote at the "2nd Open Data Forum" in Kherson, Ukraine.

More information on this soon!

5th Sep 2016
How to Make the Most of Your Website Hosting Diskspace and Bandwidth

Slow loading websites, caused by crammed diskspace and bandwidth, can be detrimental to website owners and can have a seriously negative impact on business. Read More

16th Aug 2016
BlockChain Network Technology will protect the integrity of Ukraine's Public Property Auctions

Recently, e-dimensionz Inc. began consulting with a Ukrainian municipal council as part of a series of major digital reforms to stamp out corruption. This is how BlockChain Network Techonolgy will protect the integrity of Ukraine's Public Property Auctions.

13th Jul 2016
Protecting Our Hosting Clients: ConfigServer eXploit Scanner

We are now running ConfigServer eXploit Scanner on our cPanel servers and running regular scans to to help prevent exploitation of accounts and websites by malware.

30th Jun 2016
2016/Q1 Hacked Website Report from Sucuri

A valuable report from Sucuri reviewing growth in website infections + causes for popular open-source Content Management Systems (CMS). 

18th Jun 2016
PCI Compliant Hosting: Shared / VPS / Dedicated

All the servers at e-dimensionz Inc have been updated for PCI Compliance, including our Shared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated.  PCI Clompliance is determined by:  your web host your payment processor the merchant / website (you)  If you experience any issues with with PCI Compliance, please contact our support team for assistance. Read More »

12th Jun 2016
What to do if your Email Account is sending Spam

If spam is being sent out from your email address, your email has either spoofed or hijacked. Find out how to fix and prevent your email from getting exploited.

10th Jun 2016
Tips: How to make Joomla SEO Friendly

If you have a website using Joomla, view our list of basic Search Engine Optimization tips to help improve ranking in popular search engines. Read More

11th May 2016
DIY 3-Minute Free SEO Audit

Try our DIY 3-Minute Free SEO Audit to receive a report for your site to check against common optimization problems.

5th May 2016