Building a Non Profit Website

May 14, 2014

The daunting prospect each good charitable soul faces is obviously funds, or rather an influx of funds, from prospective donors.

We live in a world where technology rules the roost thereby signifying the marketing aspect in the form of a website as an important tool.

It's a common practice that all companies create websites as part of their outlook, products and services offered to begin.

However what separates them from being ordinary and great in appeal to the average visitor and prospective donor are visual aspects of content, apparent purpose of organization, proof of charitable work, donor and media friendly by nature, web template design, blog & news sections, and various technical aspects.

Further as part of our "Building a Non Profit Website" advisory guide, tips for the same would be spelt out as below.


Ensure transparent design that basically revolves around your mission. Ensure provision of adequate space for posting of multimedia events, videos and photos on applicable web pages or every page for that matter.

Provide details of entrepreneurship & staff based on origin, past employment credentials, importance of organization, mission or objective goals at every nook and corner, annual reports and financial statements and recent updates.

Apparent Purpose of Organization

At times a visitor is left clueless as to what product or service a company website actually offers based on the ignorant aspect of the company itself. The ignorant aspect on part of the company is lack of information based on their motto or purpose thereby presuming a visitor or a potential donor to be taken for granted.

At all times drill home the point by clearly stating your apparent purpose in the form of possible bold abbreviated mission statements and useful links on each webpage.

Proof of charitable work

An important aspect to consider when creating or designing a non-profit website. To convince people or get rid of a so called "Con or Fraudster Label", please include proof of existing and current charitable.

Proof could range from pictorial evidence, press and media related articles, news coverage, to videos and unfabricated testimonials from beneficiaries and donors for that matter.

Donor, Media and Volunteer Friendly by nature

In order for your website to solicit donations from prospective donors install a "Donor Button" on every webpage of your website including a separate "Security" page to safeguard donor personal information.

By making a non-profit website media friendly actually increases attention from press related circles, journalists, bloggers and visitors for that matter.

The volunteer friendly aspect would revolve around basic web content and advertisements thereby strengthening the workforce of your organization.

Web Template Design

From a laymans point of view, content and design play an important role in creation of web template design. Please incorporate features of

  • design,
  • donation buttons,
  • security measures
  • user registration facility
  • ease of navigation,
  • payment processing facility & options,
  • calendar events,
  • blogs, and
  • newsletters

Blog & News Sections

The concept of a blog is a provisional facility of shared information by the owner and reviews of audience, donors and related media. It's more of a public forum where one displays their honest views and sentiments thereby increasing the chances of garnering prospective donors.

It's also important for the owner to share related and updated information about the organization from close quarters by creation of a separate news section on the website.

Technical aspects

This is further part of the Interface aspect of the website. Ensure swift loading of splash pages and advertisements. Create a friendly layout and design to perform wonderfully well on different screen resolutions. Provide minimal clicking functions and site maps or search features.

Incorporate company name, logo and proper headings and subtitles on all webpage's. State size and content of file for downloading and printing facilities and state email addresses for contact purpose.

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