Holiday Strategies To Expand Your Business

Every month globally, a new holiday approaches. It’s no surprise that holiday’s are the best time of the year for any business, and today, we’re going to go over some of the more optimal marketing holiday’s, as well as some strategies you can use to help promote and expand your business.

Now, I’m sure we’re all aware of the more well-known holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as Christmas. Let’s brush up on some of the lesser celebrated ones within businesses, and see why marketing towards these holidays could help with growth.

Starting with the Holidays

Let’s start off with Mother’s Day - In the USA, over 80% of consumers celebrated Mother’s Day in 2021, with the average cost per person being close to $220. Holiday’s like this often get overlooked due to not being as extravagantly advertised as Christmas, but the fact that they aren’t marketed as effectively in comparison, would actually be beneficial. Your business will stand out. We all get floods of emails with amazing Christmas and Black Friday deals every year, but how often will you see Mother’s Day, or Easter, or even National Hat Day - who would have guessed?

If there’s a holiday, there’s likely a marketing tactic you can use to promote your services or products, and getting your name out there never hurts. If you offer deals, or a basic redesign to match the theme of the holiday, or even as much as a newsletter, you could pull in those that are interested and wanting to see more. Find more out about your demographic, and see which upcoming holidays could be beneficial.

International Inconsistencies?

Not every holiday is celebrated internationally, and in fact, some holidays like Mother’s Day are even on separate days depending on the country. It’s wise to confront this in one of two ways. You could have an extensive sale or promotion, where the holiday will last for a few weeks, or even a month. Or if you’re more local, you could just focus on promoting your products or services locally, and being specific about the date. Whether you’re reaching out to a global scale or local, there are ways to go about this.

Let’s take Mother’s Day as an example. In Canada, this is celebrated on May 8th, while in the UK, it’s celebrated on March 27th. If you know your demographic and your primary audience, make sure you appeal to them.

Ideas for Marketing

Some businesses don’t have the luxury of doing sales frequently, especially if holiday’s are as consistent as they seem. Not to mention, always having sales or discounts will diminish the value of these rare occurrences. It’s good to do them often, but not too often. As such, there’s other ways to promote a holiday which can save you and your business some money.

  • Communicate publicly with your customers
  • Send out monthly newsletters with the holiday theme
  • Put together a gift-guide / blog
  • Push notifications for holidays

In addition to the above, consider personalizing products. If you have products that you’re selling, maybe an eCommerce store, giving the customer a way of personalizing their products is a good way of promoting gift-related purchases. More often than not, these types of businesses are more often frequented by those who want to get a gift for their friends or loved ones. What’s a more appealing way of showing that you support this than with personalized products? Offer engraving, names on a product, a special note, something that will match the theme of the holiday. This is always a very appealing way of reeling in potential customers.

How to Market on the Holidays?

There’s a lot of great things you can do to advertise your new services, deals, or features during the holiday. One important thing to remember is if you’re running something temporarily, like a deal, make sure it’s advertised well in advance. Giving at least 2 weeks for your store to get out there on social media will help gain traffic and prepare you for the actual day. If you post the ad days beforehand or on the day of, you may not get much reciprocation. 

In addition to this, as mentioned above, it’s good to know your demographic and social media presence. Make sure to push your advertisements on a platform where your demographic frequents, and has a higher chance of spreading the word and getting more people to bite on your great new holiday ideas. Properly tagging your post will also help, but make sure not to overdo it on the tags - just a few which specifically ring out to the people you’re trying to sell to. Lastly, try reaching out to some old customers or clients. Sometimes a newsletter or a sale reminder is all they need to remember you, and you’ll be able to get some more business from them again soon.

In Closing

There are many ways of getting your name out there, and holidays are one of the best times to do it, especially the lesser known ones. Try contacting an influencer for marketing, try a giveaway or small coupon codes, and most importantly, make sure you advertise what you’re doing so the word can get out prior to the day these services or deals will be available.

Remember your goal is to not only gain new customers, but to retain your existing ones. Find ways of benefiting your demographic, and take the opportunity for growth during the holiday season.

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