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  • The Generic Configuration block is native to Hikashop and instructions for it can be found here
  • You will need a Canada Post developer key, get it here
  • REQUIRED: At the top of the Specific Information section, enter your Canada Post Development KeyPassword and Customer Number
  • Warehouse Turnaround is the field for entering your estimated shipping turnaround time
  • REQUIRED: In the Warehouses block, enter information about the various locations your item will be shipped from:
    • Click the Add button
    • Enter a name for the warehouse
    • Post Code fields are required by the Canada Post API
    • Set up the shipping zone for the Warehouse if it applies
    • You can delete a Warehouse by clicking on the trash can at the end of the row
  • Select all applicable Canada Post Shipping Services that your store supports
  • 3D Bin Packing math is a feature in the plugin that will take all your product weights and dimensions into account when requesting a quote from Canada Post' service. This allows you to configure the shipping plugin with the various sizes, weights and weight limits your store's packing/shipping boxes or crates. The  plugin will find an optimal layout for the products using the smallest number and sizeof shipping boxes. It will then use those values and weights to request shipping estimates from Canada Post, it can give a much closer shipping estimate to the actual shipping price.
    • In order to take advantage of the 3D Box Packing math, you need to select Group Packages
    • Click Add beside Dimensions and weight of grouped packages
    • REQUIRED: Fill in all the following fields:
      • Box Type: A friendly name for the box
      • Length, Width and Height in cm
      • Max Weight: Maximum weight of a shipment using that type of box. Canada Post has maximum weights for various packing material sizes.
      • Box Weight: The weight of the actual box. It will be added to the weight of the parcels when requesting a quote from Canada Post
    • Click Add as many times as necessary
    • Click the trash can icon at the end of each line to remove a box

E-D Hikashop Canada Post Shipping Plugin
E-D Hikashop Canada Post Shipping Plugin
E-D Hikashop Canada Post Shipping Plugin

E-D Hikashop Canada Post Shipping Plugin

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