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Securing your CMS / eCommerce Website

Whether it’s to steal information, inject your content with malicious links, or use your website to distribute spam, hackers and bots are constantly scouring the web to locate known security issues that can be exploited.

Simple Tips to Secure your WordPress Site

You’ve finally got your website on a web host. At this point, many webmasters sit back and let their website coast. The problem is that thousands of WordPress sites are hacked every single day.

Simple Tips to Secure your Joomla Site

New exploits and vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and used against unsuspecting website owners. It's critical to take measures to protect your site’s security and to proactively prevent your website being exploited.

Basic Password Security

The security of your personal password depends on two concepts: the "strength" of your password and how well that password is protected.

Lets Encrypt + Cloud Linux

The recent server upgrade for e-dimensionz Shared Hosting servers included two new features which will be showing up in client hosting accounts.

SQL Injection: Understanding One of the Most Common Hacks

Not everyone has to be an expert coder to run a website, but improperly coded web pages can lead to disastrous effects.

SQL injection hacks take advantage of poorly coded sites, and they are at the heart of major website penetration occurrences. Even big companies fall victim to SQL injection, and they usually allow the hacker to steal sensitive data such as credit card information and social security numbers.

6 Tips for Memorable and Secure Passwords

You're probably groaning and rolling your eyes already, but most of us have that voice in the back of our minds when we read password advice, always reminding us about that bad password we continue to use.

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