Flexible & Prepaid Website Maintenance Packages

Customized to fit any budget; any industry, any platform

Your website should reflect your company's growth and progress. In order to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings, and provide information about your products and services, it' crucial to keep your web presence up-to-date with new and updated information.

Let us work with you to ensure that your website provides a real and measurable return on investment. You can concentrate on building your business, we'll manage the technology and help build your business online.

Select the maintenance package that works for you or we can tailor a package that meets your requirements and your budget.  Both Maintenance Options are tracked in 30 minute increments and include a Maintenance Log of dates, times, and changes applied to the website.  Most updates are completed within 48/hours of receiving a request, often within the same day.

Maintenance Plan Options

Flexible Monthly Website Maintenance Plan - $130 /hour
Our Monthly Maintenance is a mix between a Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Retainer. You set a pre-approved # of hours each month for on-call requests and at the end of the month, you only pay for the time you need during the month. No minimum, if you don't need us, no invoice is sent. At the end of the month, the invoice is sent along with the Maintenance Log.  

Prepaid Block of Maintenance Hours - $130 /hour
Prepaid Hours are an excellent option for semi-regular on-call requests. There is no expiry date on prepaid blocks of hours, the Maintenance ticket remains open until all time is used. After the Prepaid Hours are exhausted, the Maintenance Log is sent. 

Common requests for Maintenance Plans:

  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Technical support and bug fixes
  • Website updates and enhancements
  • Accessibility / SEO Adjustments 
  • Performace improvements
  • Framework / Plugin upgrades
  • Malware / Exploit Removal
  • Phone/email support
  • Analytic tracking and reporting
  • On-call for emergency situations
  • ... anything that falls within the skillset of our team


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