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e-dimensionz strives to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients. With our retainer program, we become your on-demand development team.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, professional websites that perform for your business, using the latest technology, fully tailored to your business requirements.

e-dimensionz has developed a unique "Monthly Retainer" program for clients that need an ongoing development team, but can't justify the salary, benefits, equipment, training and costs associated with hiring a permanent developer in-house.

e-dimensionz will base your retainer program on a discounted monthly rate of hours, billed the first of every month. You'll receive a minimum of 2 developers from e-dimensionz for 1/2 the price of a full time in-house developer.

We might make less money in the short term, but we gain the more valuable benefits of building trust with our clients and playing a small part to ensure their long-term success.

  • In addition to reduced rates, retainer clients receive priority scheduling

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What is a retainer?

A retainer-based arrangement involves the hiring of an outside company to perform activities on your website for a specified fee. Activities and initiatives are pre-established between the client and the company and detailed in a proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) document.

Generally, retainers exist for a specified length of time (3/months to 1/year) and have a pre-determined rate divided into consistent monthly payments and billed at the start of each month.

How does Retainer Plans work?

If a client has a Retainer Plan for 10/hours a month at X amount, the client has access to all of e-dimensionz development and support services up to 10/hours. All retainer contracts are reviewed every three months and can be adjusted up or down in costs according to hours performed.

What's included in a Retainer Plan?

Services included in the Retainer Plan:

  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Technical support and bug fixes
  • Updates and enhancements to the website
  • Phone/email based support
  • Communicate with hosting provider regarding email/server issues
  • Monthly analytics reports and recommendations
  • You come first. Retainer client projects receive first priority in scheduling
  • Access to a timesheet to check on your available hours

Which companies are best suited for retainers?

Retainer-based arrangements work best for clients that have committed budget (typically a percentage of gross sales) and are committed to the idea of working with an outside resource. These agreements are also best suited for companies that recognize the value and importance of building a long-term relationship with a development firm.

Detailed breakdown of your billable hours

At the end of each month, we will submit a detailed breakdown of your billable hours.

Unused hours on Retailer Plans

If we end up not working the full allotment of your retainer for the month, unused hours will roll as credits into the next billing period.

Want us not to represent your competitors?

Small Retainer Plans have the following options to keep us from working for a competitor while we are on Retainer Contract:

  • Pay a $1,000/month fee on top of your contracted monthly retainer
  • Sign a contract for a minimum monthly retainer of at least $5,000

If you prefer not to pay an extra fee or don't have the ability to spend at least $5,000/month, we understand and will let you know if any of your competitors have come across our desk. We believe transparency is the best policy.

For Premium Retainer Plans, there is no extra fee to keep us from simultaneously representing a competitor.

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