HubSpot Development Services

Providing HubSpot customization, development, migration, and backend Management services

Our services have now extended to HubSpot CMS / CRM platform.

HubSpot has been a front-running CRM platform for over 15 years, and many people have found this platform and made it their home - primarily focused on customer relations and through us, can be much more! We’ll make sure your business is easily accessible, looks professional, sleek, and clean.

The e-dimensionz Inc team will help you create the business that matches your brand. With expert work and fast project completion, as well as constant communication, keeping you updated on the progress every step along the way!

What do we offer?

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  • HubSpot Touch-ups
    Make your website come to life again with some modernization, reviewing your site, cleaning it up, and making it ready for modern use.
  • Retainer Plans & Optimization
    Fully optimized with fast speeds, SEO-friendly, as well as retainer plans to keep us always on call in case you need a consult or a quick fix. Our team of developers are always ready to help get any issues fixed fast and efficiently!
  • Custom Implementation
    If you’re looking to have something new and refreshing developed for your website, we can create a fully functional and user-friendly widget, plugin, or add-on.

How does the Retainer Plan work?

Select the Retainer Plan that meets your budget or we can work with you to identify the scope and for your monthly support needs, matching it Retainer Plan that will work best for your needs.

Any work that takes us above the Monthly Retainer, we'll get approval first before for additional time prior to moving forward.

We track time in 30 minute increments and include a Maintenance Log of dates, times, and changes applied to the website at the end of each cycle.

What's included in the Retainer Plan?

  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Technical support and bug fixes
  • Store updates and enhancements
  • Accessibility / SEO Adjustments
  • Performance improvements
  • Phone/email support
  • Analytic tracking and reporting
  • Retainer clients receive priority scheduling
  • On-call for emergency situations
  • ... anything that falls within the skillset of our team

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Experienced Team

Established in 1997, we have years of knowledge and experience that we bring to the table. Access experts in their field who have worked with on a wide range of projects for local start-ups to large multinational companies and charities.


6 Month Warranty

If you find any errors on your website / application Or if any aspect of your project does not function as requested caused by an error on our part, we'll correct the issue or refund the cost for the feature.


Full Transparency

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with e-dimensionz, no up-selling, no surprise billing.


No Outsourcing

We never outsource our work. All our projects are managed by our own in-house team.


Up-to-Date Technologies

We will always strive to deliver innovative products and state-of-the-art technologies that meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers.


Support after Launch

After your website successfully launches, we are available to offer suggestions to help you to enhance your online strategies.


Product Ownership

Once payment for the work is completed, full ownership is transfer to you. We don't hold your project, you will always be able to get a copy of your code and data.

HubSpot Retainer Plans

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