Giving Back to Our Community

e-dimensionz recognizes the vital role of nonprofit organizations

e-dimensionz Cares

Canada is home to at least 160,000 charities.

Over 2 million Canadians work for these groups and many more volunteer. Some assist people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Others strive to set aside undeveloped land for wildlife. Everyone should help them achieve these important goals. We're giving back by supplying the following charities with contributions, discounts or free services:

CAMHCMHOHouse of Friendship

e-dimensionz supports the vital work of Canadian nonprofits in several ways. It has established giving back as a top priority. We also encourage our customers and employees to donate or volunteer whenever possible.

If you run a registered charity, don't hesitate to contact us and apply for a discount, free service or donation.

What We Offer to Charities

We understand that every nonprofit has different needs. Consequently, we supply a variety of free or discounted services to these organizations.

Any charity can benefit from our one-time and monthly financial contributions. If your nonprofit operates or wants to establish a website, it could save money by using our hosting and design services. This makes it possible to devote more funds to worthy causes.

Canada's registered charities can obtain cPanel hosting from e-dimensionz at no cost. It's completely free; there are no setup, monthly or annual fees to pay. The accounts come with plentiful bandwidth and storage space.

Most website owners prefer cPanel because it's easy to use and compatible with a wide range of plug-ins. Users can quickly install website forums, shopping carts, calendars and many other features.

If your organization doesn't have any staff members with computer programming skills, don't worry. We can build a free brochure-style website that consists of three pages. This option is ideal for many small charities. Your nonprofit will be able to inform visitors about its mission and provide instructions that tell them how to contact you or send a donation.

Depending on what you prefer, we'll develop a brochure-style website using Joomla or WordPress. We can help you choose a platform if necessary. Most people consider Joomla to be more versatile, while WP remains easier to set up and use. WordPress primarily appeals to organizations that want to post blog entries on a regular basis.

Perhaps you want a larger, more sophisticated website with forums, videos and press release pages. Maybe you'd like to add a shopping area where people can order mugs or handbags. Some charity websites offer searchable databases of information. For example, a nonprofit might allow you to look up its nearest office or thrift shop. These features call for more complex design and coding techniques.

Unfortunately, we can't afford to develop complimentary websites with more than three pages. It takes a considerable amount of time and money to complete these projects. However, we're willing to provide Canadian registered charities with substantial discounts.

Price reductions vary depending on the features and number of pages you desire. Feel free to contact us with information about your nonprofit's needs. We'll supply you with a quick, accurate quote.

Regardless of whether it needs the above-mentioned services, your organization can apply for a contribution. We're glad to aid worthy causes by giving a portion of our profits to charity.

e-dimensionz helps many different nonprofits, but it doesn't assist groups with political or commercial aims.

We may offer a one-time or monthly donation to any organization with goals that we support. Contribution amounts vary depending on our current revenues and specific charities' needs.

e-dimensionz will consider providing a corporate donation or other assistance to any registered charity in Canada.

To qualify, your organization must possess a valid registration number at the Canada Revenue Agency's Charities Directorate.

If your nonprofit hasn't registered, you can apply by completing tax form T2050. See guide T4063 for detailed instructions. Registration yields many benefits, including income and sales tax exemptions.

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