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  • Case Study: Travelous
  • Industry: Travel & Tourism Industry
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The Customer

Travelous, a prominent player in the travel and tourism industry, is a highly reputable travel agency known for its specialization in offering exceptional and personalized travel experiences to a diverse range of customers.

The Challenge

We were requested to enhance their website's functionality and design. Travelous transitioned from Travelogic to Oasis, requiring a major logic rework and custom view implementation for country destinations and themes. We optimized SEO by adding advanced title and meta tags to third-party Oasis listings. In addition, a custom frontend editor was developed to enable easy content management on pages like this. The outdated design provided by Travelous was revamped into a modern and responsive layout. Utilizing Joomla's multi-theme functionality, custom landing pages such as this were created. Additionally, a user-friendly multi-step form was implemented for trip planning under the landing page theme.

The Solution

Our team successful implemented the required customized solutions in in collaboration with Waterproof Communications. The website's functionality and design were enhanced, with improved content management, search engine visibility, and user experience. The transition to Oasis and the integration of custom views showcased country destinations and themes effectively. The revamped design ensured a visually appealing and responsive user interface. Custom landing pages allowed for tailored experiences, and the multi-step form simplified trip planning for visitors. Overall, these developments contributed to Travelous' success.