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LEAP Real Estate Services Inc. Brokerage
  • Case Study: LEAP Real Estate Services Inc. Brokerage
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Services:
    • Development
    • API
    • Design
  • Website: Visit Website

The Customer

LEAP Real Estate Services Inc is a leading real estate company based in Canada that provides a full range of real estate services to clients. With years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the market.

The Challenge

LEAP Real Estate Services Inc wanted to create a website that could provide their clients with a seamless and immersive experience while browsing through their extensive listings. The biggest challenge was that the Canadian Real Estate Association (CIRA) did not have an expansive API that could integrate directly with the website. This meant that a significant amount of data had to be extracted using a simulated headless browser. Additionally, they wanted to create an interactive home explorer tool that would help their clients find their dream homes across the entire CIRA database.

The Solution

Our team came up with a custom solution that addressed all of LEAP Real Estate Services Inc's requirements. A Joomla base with a custom theme was used to build the website, and the website was designed to be responsive and visually appealing. Our team integrated MLS API to ensure that the listings were up to date. As the CIRA did not have an expansive API, we built a complete search feature that used a simulated headless browser with Selenium to interact with the full UI and extract data.

To create an immersive experience for their clients, we built an SVG driven interactive home-explorer tool. This tool was designed to run on a tablet and would get a list of all the buyer's requirements, step by step, and find a house across the entire CIRA database. This tool was designed to be interactive and provided a seamless browsing experience for clients. Lastly, we built an agent iOS presentation tool for sellers and buyers. This tool helped their agents to provide presentations to clients on their devices. The presentations were designed to be visually appealing and included information on the property, including images, videos, and maps.

Overall, the solution provided by our team helped LEAP Real Estate Services Inc to create a seamless and immersive browsing experience for their clients.

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